Contact form issue


Users reported that since the last update to PulseCMS 4.6, they get the following warning message when they send me a message using the contact form :

Warning: array_unique() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /usr/www/users/petges/home/inc/tags/form.php on line 28

The mail is however successfully send.

Don’t know what happens as it worked before and the hosting setup didn’t change.

Any idea what could trigger this issue ? What information do you need ?

The Pulse diag script does not show any issues.

OK @rpetges - thanks for reporting - will add this to next build also :slight_smile:

I have a similar problem.
on the web

Announces text:
Notice: Undefined variable: success in /www/sites/3/site21263/public_html/inc/tags/form.php on line 71
on line 71
on line 83
on line 91st

/ Blog announces text:
Notice: Undefined index: d /www/sites/3/site21263/public_html/inc/tags/blog.php in on line 5
on line 6
on line 84
on line 91st

Server is PHP7

Please can you order.
thanks to Robo

Hi there,
these are just notices and warnings. Annoying but the scripts will work.
Add this to your config.php:


Btw I would never let clients update anything by themselves. I remember there were update links in some Pulse versions. I always removed them :wink:


@IvaRo this is fixed in:

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