Default Credentials

The instructions say use "demo" at the first login page. However, it requires BOTH a Username and a Password. And trying "demo" for both fields does not work. What are the default login credentials??

Here's how:
Create account for pulsecms com:

Subscribe to pulsecms com:

Go to:

Then follow the instructions.

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Hi @IvaRo,
I have the same problem.

We do not get this screen

We get this one

I have paid subscription instead of free demo. credentials do not work.
'Forgot your password' option does not work.

Thank you for help.

Log in:
1 field: "administrator".
2 field: "demo"

Pulse Manual (pdf)
Try it.


Select 'administrator' from the dropdown portion of the admin login screen, then demo is the password.

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Thanks @IvaRo and @ezchile

We'll update that Install screen to say something like "username as Administrator and password as Demo"

Can you now login @TapioMichael and @SamBushman?

The next updated version will have the install screen like this:

That should be easier for first time installers :slight_smile:

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