Didn't get the update for 4.7 either

I do get the newsletter, but didn’t see any download link either. Also:

If have 4.5.2, click the “download” link in the admin UI.

I even have 4.6 and see no download link in the admin backend. What I could do is reinstall 4.5 in case it will work that way?

Furthermore, I’m changing my mail address. The one which I used to buy the serial key will not be valid anymore and I wanted to tell you that in case it’s important. I don’t feel like paying $1 to use the contact form though. What now?

It was sent out!

The easiest was is to sign up for the Pulse Club then you get a dashboard and can download all the updates anytime :wink:

We’ve mentioned this before, right?

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Thanks for the PM. Is there still a way to change my e-mail address (in case you have it archived in a database) without signing up for the club?

Added your email address to the email list :slight_smile: