Pulse Cloud Club and future versions

Pulse version 5 only available for club members means, version 4 will become legacy like version 3? Even if there might be a version 4.9, at one point we will have to switch to the cloud club to get the newest functions and features?

Thanks @Sugsho… in a word “yes”

We should be releasing 4.7 very soon with lots of cool things so look out for that.
That will most likely be the last update to 4. It’s solid, robust and will still work into the future. Pulse 5 will be an optional upgrade but we’re going to make it so awesome that it becomes an essential upgrade.

You can join the club now as it has a lot more benefit than just the updates as mentioned here (⚡ Pulse Cloud Club is here! 🙂🎊). You can use Pulse on unlimited domains, get free addons, Just Forms form builder app and many other things.

But yes, you will have to join the cloud club to get the latest versions and updates.

Thanks for the question!

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