DOUBLE PAYMENT ATTEMPT and still my account was disabled

well since it has been 2 weeks since i wrote an email to support and until now no answer i post it here.

here is my original post, that was marked as fixed back then:

the problem:

  • i got annually charged in december via paypal, all good until then
  • in january i got an email from the Stripe system saying my membership will be renewed in february (but it was just renewed in december via paypal?)
  • in february stripe tried to charge my credit card again. this credit card does not exist anymore, so stripe then turned me a non-member, even thou the membership was renewed 2 months before via paypal.

can someone from michaels team please help me with this. first thing please reactivate my account, second, if i should cancel the anual payments via paypal settings please let me know, and then maybe continue with stripe or something? please assist me on how we should solve this. third, it would be great to know what the source of the problem was, but i am more than happy with just 1 and 2.

stripe and paypal payments are bound to


Hey @squareclouds-design, apologies for the inconvenience. Rest assured that I'll help you sort this out. I've sent you a message regarding this and will look forward to hearing back! :slight_smile:

dear palej,

any news regarding this?

Hi! Apologies for the delayed response. Your account should be fixed now. Can you log out and log back in and let me know if it's resolved on your end or not?

dear palej,

thank you, it ineed works again. what was the problem? would this happen again next year?

best regards

Hi @squareclouds-design, it seems that your account has been crosswired by the two but it should be fine now. Your subscription will continue via PayPal going forward. Let me know if you need further assistance and I'll be more than happy to assist you.


hi palej,

oh ok. will do! thank you again!

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