Getting started —install on cPanel with fresh Rapidweaver project


I’m struggling with installing and getting started Pulse CMS on cPanel using Rapidweaver

I downloaded the file from the Pulse cloud subscription service.

However, in the install.txt file in the pulsecms4-cloud folder which is downloaded from Pulse Cloud
it says:

How to install

• Upload all files to your Pulse folder, except for “content” and “template” folders
• Take a backup before this step in case something goes wrong. Easiest way to do this is download content>backups and the latest backup.
• Upload and enjoy!

Nonetheless, in the readme.rtf file it says:

How to install

• Upload all files to your Pulse folder, except for “content” and “template” folders
• Take a backup before this step in case something goes wrong. Easiest way to do this is download content>backups and the latest backup.
• Upload and enjoy!

I’m not sure which is correct. The demo project seems to run fine on my tests sites (without any need to alter the .htaccess file) but I can’t get pulse to function when trying to make a fresh test installation via cPanel — using Fast Comet host.

Do I HAVE TO put the Pulse files in the resources area of a RW project? Seems like there should be another way.

Thanks for your support,

Go with install.txt

The readme are instructions for upgrading from an older Pulse version.

And for RapidWeaver specific:


If you are using RapidWeaver to create your website content (to be later edited in Pulse), download this project file for RapidWeaver 7. This includes a project demo, Pulse installed in the site resources and all the Stacks placed in edit mode so you can just hit publish and get going in Pulse CMS!

RapidWeaver project download: (download link)

RapidWeaver Stacks:

Are you having trouble installing Pulse on its own or Pulse with RapidWeaver?
Are you installing it in the root folder? (Pulse only)

Let us know :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick reply!

I am testing out Pulse and would like to figure out how to use Pulse without putting the files in the resources folder.

Or does it have to be in the resources folder?

I thought I could just upload the .zip file and unpack it on the File Manager.

But I am not sure how to connect a RW project to Pulse.

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No, it does not have to be in resources folder. Putting the files in the resources folder is only an example how it works.

Check out this 14 minutes video:

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Thank you kindly for the link.

But I’ve already watched all of your videos. This video doesn’t tell the user how to start from the beginning. It assumes pulse has been uploaded to the file manager on cPanel. I assumes that pulse has already been activated with a license and the config.php has been configured.

Basically, I’d like to start from step one.

Thanks for your support…

My documentation references the main Pulse CMS documentation:

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I’ve watched this video many times. I’ve read the documentation too.

But I don’t get it:expressionless:. This is what I’ve done so far…

I’ve uploaded and extracted pulsecms4-cloud to

once extracted there are 2 folders:

2.) pulsecms4-cloud

I moved the contents of pulsecms4-cloud to
(and left _MACOSX untouched)

I’ve configured the config.php file:

1.) I’ve entered my pulse CMS license code

and the path looks like this:


$path = ''; // If installed in root, leave blank. If in "subfolder", use "/subfolder"

Now what should I do?

Thanks for your support

$path should be:



Thank you for your support.

I thought that since it was installed in the root of /pulse3 that /pulse3 was the root. But I guess is the root and /pulse3 is a subfolder


oh gosh. Now the /admin looks as it should.

Now what should I do? Upload a new RW project to /pulse3 and it should work well?

Thanks for your support

Upload the RW project to the root, not the subfolder pulse3

The settings inside the Pulse CMS stacks should be then pulse3 also.

Oh? But what if I already have another site at

And I want to set another site (demo site) in a subfolder of

What then? Should I move the contents of pulsecms4-cloud to a sub-folder of

to equal:

Thanks for your support

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Yes, move everything to a sub folder then.


I’m having issues using pulse with rapidweaver.

Once the .zip files is extracted, the /admin doesn’t reflect the pages that are on my Rapidweaver site.

My site that’s uploaded is different than the blocks and pages in the admin section.

You are speaking in miracles.

The use of Pulse CMS pages in combination with RW is not supported. I thought you viewed the videos?

You are able to use Pulse CMS blocks inside RW pages with help of the Stacks Suite.

Can you tell me what to do next? I’ve added a block to the RW page and changed the name of the folder to:


and the block name to:


but I don’t see blocktest in the admin area of my site.

The videos show someone dragging blocks to a RW page. I did that. The videos show someone editing the block in admin/ but when I go to admin / blocks I DO NOT see the block that I added in my RW project.

Same goes for the Demo project. When I add a block I don’t see it in the admin area.

What I mean is that the RW pages that are in my RW project, these are different than the “pages” in that I have now.

I don’t see the blocks that I have added to my RW project. I looked in Blocks but there are other blocks there that I didn’t create. How did those blocks get there?

If your RW project is published to pulse3, the setting inside the stacks must be another

Content created inside RW (1) will not be visible inside the admin area of Pulse (2).

This only works the other way round. Content created inside pulse admin (1) can be injected via stacks inside RW (2).

The content you see in the admin area is the demo content of Pulse CMS.

When I look here:

under the Blocks section

I see:


But I don’t see my block that I added in my RW page:

Pulse Folder root: another
Block name; new/blocktest


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" Work how you always do with any theme (or Foundation or Foundry) & Stacks. Edit online with the flexible CMS for RapidWeaver."

I am working the way I usually work in RW. Then how do I edit a page in Pulse? How does this work?

What should I do next?

I don’t see the blocks that I’ve added. Where are the blocks that I’ve added in my RW project?

Thanks for your support