How can i add fields in the form


Hi together,

First: At the moment only the phonenumber and the comment will be send to the receiver allthough the fields name and email are included in the form.
Second: Geman special characters are sendet not in UTF8 but in a cryptic way.
Third: I'am looking for the way to add serveral new fields in the normal contact form.

How and which file / files should I change to fix these issues?

I use PULSE 5.3.1, the {{ form }} tag and the mailprogram Outlook with no cryptographic problems with the other mails.


I’d also be happy if it was possible to set custom fields.
And German umlauts don’t work, in deed. By the way, there are only a few CMS on the market with a useful form builder. Too bad.


Apparently there is no possibility of supplementing the simple form in the Pulse 5.X versions. But why included fields (email address and name) are not displayed? And where can I translate phone and comment so that the German version is shown.

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