How to get rid of the blog picture (teaser image)?

I don’t know how to get rid of the teaser image on top of the blog main page. I can’t find any template file for the blog page (default template, with some slight modifications by me). I have Pulse 5.3.5.

In my browser’s developer tools, the code reads:
<div class="pulsecore tag tag-teaser-image"><img alt="teaser-image" src="/pulse-5/content/media/featured_images/blog.jpg"></div>

All right, but in which file do I find this code, so that I can eliminate the link to the image? Any ideas anybody? Thanks in advance.

Supplement (a little later):
In the blog page, I had only the following code:
After changing to:
{{blog}} {{blog-content-loop}} {{blog-item-author}} {{blog-item-date}} {{blog-item-featured-image}} {{blog-item-title}} {{blog-item-content}} {{/blog-content-loop}} {{/blog}}
the teaser image is gone, but now that code is readable on top of the blog main page!

The only solution I have is reverting to {{blog}} and a change in the style.css:
.tag-teaser-image img { display: none; }
Not very elegant …

I asked the same question a while ago. Where is the code that places that there? You can just delete that image in media folder then it wont display but then server will generate a file not found error. It would be better if we could just ask it not to display in the first place.

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Permanently disable the opening image on your blog page.
Edit the script:pulsecore/tags/teaser_image.php

In rows: 46 and 52, replace 0 with 1.

Michael - Please specify an option to turn off the image in your dashboard settings.

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Thanks to both of you, guys, for sharing your ideas and solutions!

@ jdloudon: Or maybe the image could be exchanged by a transparent picture with only 1px width and height. But I have not tried this yet.

Or in the blog section of style.css add a display:none; its on line 210 or thereabouts.

/* 04: Blog */
.main-blog .tag-teaser-image img {
margin-bottom: 50px;

@ jdloudon: Yes, that’s what I described at the end of my first post. :wink:

Ah yes, sorry. I missed that when I revisited the post.
I guess that doing it within the stylesheet may be better than editing the pulsecore files because generally the template will not be touched (it shouldnt be but sometimes is) when you update the site to a new version.

I am very concerned that the whole blog mechanism has changed and that none of the suggested tags from the manual work. The only way to get a blog going is to just use {{blog}} as you pointed out.
I am all up for a rewrite of the code to make things better but this just seems to be a bit broken.
And not documented.
And the sub blog does not work at all.


Sad but true: you can forget Pulse as a blog system. The blog had bugs already in Pulse 4, and the situation hasn’t changed much since. Pulse as a CMS is great, no question, but I wouldn't recommend it for blogging.

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Plugged in a settings option for showing/hiding the Blog teaser image

This has been improved / added as an option in 5.3.8

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