Image Upload Not Working

Simply put I built a blog into a clients website using Pulse (super happy!) on my server for staging. Once completed i moved the site over to the clients server (GoDaddy) I made sure it had PHP 5.3 running and I dropped the REQS.php file on the server to confirm. See it here:

But when I go to upload an image via INSERT IMAGE it looks like it’s uploading and then the window closes and shows me the blog post once again but there is NO IMAGE. I sFTP in and look at the /content/media folder and I don’t see an image uploaded. Only the images from my staging server that were copied over.

This all worked perfectly on my staging server but not on the clients server. What am I missing?

Any suggestions would be helpful.


Hi, i had the same problem in the beginning, I posted this and after updating to PhP 5.6 its working

now I am a very happy pulse user!!


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Sadly GoDaddy will only allow 5.3 as the default version. It won’t let me choose a newer version.
Another reason I don’t like (or recommend) GoDaddy as a host but that’s another discussion.

Any other ideas?

no sorry, thats the only way to work with Pulse ( Michael??? )
seems that godaddy askes moneyfor updating to PhP 5.6… uffff…

Sorry to hear this @futuristicvlad

Can you try these links?:

If still an issue, send me a DM and we’ll see what we can do. I don’t want you not to put your project live because of this antiquated host. Appreciate it’s a client’s choice so not much you can do so let me know.

Worth mentioning here that the next version of Pulse will require 5.6. Main reason is some features require it and also anything less is no longer supported and all clients should be encouraged to upgrade as security risks / issues - not with Pulse - but with their server and any software they run:

Looked at this more @futuristicvlad and it's terrible :scream: that GoDaddy doesn't support even 5.6!

Get in touch with them and double check and send me a DM and let's see how best to proceed as the host is not your choice in the end

My client opted to upgrade their GoDaddy account which is happening right now. The new hosting package will support PHP 5.6, I’ll post here once I make the migration to let you know how it worked out.

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