Images in the Media subfolder are not displayed

I’ll post the next question soon afterwards:
The new way to preview only a certain number of pictures in a gallery is great and makes working a lot easier for me, but when I click to view the picture I get only as many pictures as in the {{gal: gallery1: 2}}, but not all the images in the gallery (
Is this intentional or a mistake?
Then my long-awaited opportunity to put pictures in sub-folders {{gal: sub_folder / gallery5: 2}}, but unfortunately the link does not work - the gallery is not displayed unfortunately - but I’m thrilled if it would work - it brings Order.
Pictures from the subfolders are also not displayed in the editor via Insert Picture, so I can not insert them.
Maybe you’ll get that with the right link, that would be great :smiley:
(Pulse has become so powerful that I can not change anything with my modest programming skills :blush:…)
Thank you again for your help!

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Thanks for reporting these @annett - I think these need testing firstly. They should be working and the select images from the editor in sub pages was an older issue that should have been fixed :sweat_smile:

Thanks - let us test these and make updates. 5.2.3 is almost ready for daylight so this should make it in there…

Thanks @annett - looked into these and have found some things!

Issue 1:
Yes this is intentional. Just to show that many selected from the last variable in
{{gal: gallery1: 2}}
So only 2 thumbs and images in the pop up will appear

Issue 2:
I think this is a bug and should be fixed. Have narrowed it down and will update in next version

Issue 3:

They all appear in a row, continuous - not separated by folders but all appear and can be selected:

So maybe this last one is working as expected?

Thanks for reporting these! :star_struck:

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Hello Michael, if that is so intentionally I can not use it because it makes no sense to me.
I would like to include a gallery in the page but (as with the slider) has only one or two images as a preview. If you click on it you can look at ALL pictures in the gallery. Pictures that I do not want to see anymore can be deleted in the Media folder.
Example: the high school was on a school trip and a hundred pictures were taken. The blog is about it, but when I show a hundred images as a preview, no matter how small, that’s too much. One could show 5 pictures as a preview and all others are to be seen in the gallery show.
I hope you understand what i mean…
Since my clients have a lot of pictures, but I work with fluid design (%) the adaptation to show only one picture on the page has been very difficult so far and it would have helped me a lot.

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Thanks for this feedback @annett… when this {{gal: gallery1: 2}} “2” option was added in, I think the original idea was to make it show only the last few shots on a page.

E.g. a photographer with 30 photos has a page with all the photos on and on the front page shows the “latest photos” and sets 6 or something. Thus using the same gallery twice.

But your idea makes sense. So let us think how to add a further option to the tag to allow for “all” or something in the popup, otherwise it will just show the “2” so that it can be used in both these situations :slight_smile:

We will try and get this feature update in the next update.

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That would be great. It could just be a second parameter used {{gal: gallery1: 2: 5}}
Then the photographer would have to use only one gallery.

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Thanks @annett - we’ll take a look into this and do some testing - thanks for the ideas and will post back here with progress :slight_smile:

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We’ve added some improvements on this for the next build (5.2.3):

  • the gal tag now handles sub folders properly

  • added a third tag (values “yes” or “no”, default “no” ) for showing all of the images in a folder or not. (The images are still added to the HTML since “baguette box” - lightbox framework - seems to need them. They are just invisible otherwise.)

  • The last thing is to check the Redactor image plugin to see how it handles images in subfolders


Also @annett:

  • Redactor image chooser now including images in sub folders

Thanks for this feedback / bug testing also :slight_smile:

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