Pulse 5.3 is here 🤩

Pulse 5.3 is here :star_struck:

Thanks to all for your feedback and ideas to get Pulse to this stage.

:tada: 30+ new updates in version 5.3

Ecommerce CMS Store is here! Plus two new Bootstrap 4 templates, more localisation features and many more updates.


(Sell with copy and paste)

Add products, set the price, add your PayPal account and currency and then embed in your Pulse sites with the {{unishop}} tag. Edit anytime from the admin. Boom!

See this screen:

More on Ecommerce in Pulse can be seen in this post:


Two great Bootstrap 4 themes, a beautiful portfolio site and a coming soon site for launch sites or maintenance pages.

See this screen:

We posted about this earlier here and also included info on the updates to the Templating and how to convert your own HTML sites more quickly:

What happened to 5.2.3?

That is included in this update.

We bundled 5.2.3 together with all the great ideas we were getting in the forum with 5.3 and release at the same time.

Here’s a full run through of all the updates, new features and fixes:

Pulse 5.3


  • Pulse Commerce released! Add a quick shopping cart of products to any Pulse site and edit the products from the Pulse dashboard. No install nor database needed.
  • Use the new Pulse Tag: {{unishop:"test@this.that":"USD":"US":"0":"/paypal_ok":"/paypal_cancel"}}
    The arguments are: PayPal email, currency, locale, no_shipping, return url and the cancel url.
  • Manage your Products by going to Settings > Extend > Manage Store

Pulse 5.2.3




To get it, go to your Pulse account dashboard and download it today!

Happy Pulsing and please share the 5.3 sites that you make with us on this forum :zap::man_singer:

Cheers from the whole Pulse Team :heart_eyes:

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