Images not showing up in social media shares

Just got this message from a client. Here site is running on 5.2.2
On her main blog page is a picture of her on the left along with the search box and the tags.
If you click a share button below a post then the image it chooses to go along with that post is the main blog image rather than the one she chose for the post.
Is there anything to be done about this? As she says…

“The sharing of blogposts still, irritatingly, still doesn’t facilitate the sharing of any image, which just makes the post look boring and easily ignorable.”


Is she also using OGP data for the blog posts? The share might be looking for this and being trigged by the Blog page OGP

	<meta property="og:url" content="" />
<meta property="og:type" content="article" />
<meta property="og:title" content="Embody the Future" />
<meta property="og:description" content="" />

But this can be set for each post too…

Hi, no I dont think so. I can see no reference to OGP on our site or in the blog section. SHould there be?
I have put in the template but can see nowhere in the blog to add any specific data on a per post basis.


{{ogp:title:Lorem Ipsum}}

Add OGP data to pages and blog posts with new tag

{{ogp:description:Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit}}



With a default image that can be set in the settings page.

Also, in the site template, use this and it will be replaced by the OGP information:


It doesn’t auto pick out any images. But this could be good for an update at some point.

Thanks, I see that in the manual and that the posts on the site do have the OGP data fields populated.
But I cannot see any mechanism for inserting anything extra on a per post basis. Such as the image.

That should work on per post basis - adding that into each post (the tags)
But let’s try and find a way to automate also from the images

Hi, as a workaround I have added an image in the settings page so that when she makes a new post, which is only once a week she can just take the image she is using in the post, copy it and rename it to blogpic.jpg and upload it to media folder inthe standard way.
Now it shows up in the OGP field and in shares.
But its an extra step.

The downside is that that image will change on a weekly basis, so that if somebody sees and shares a post from, say, a few weeks previous, then the image shared will be the current one, and not the one that was supposed to be attached to the post.
Here is what she had to say:

"Just to be clear, the issue is that when you try to share any blog, using the social buttons the image linked with the blog doesn’t transfer - which makes for a pretty dull looking post.

I’ve never come across this phenomenon when sharing posts from any other site,"

So I think its something that could be worked on considering you want Pulse to be at least as good as WordPress :slight_smile:

Yep it’s being worked on :slight_smile:

This is ready and will be out in 5.2.3 - added this as a feature:

The featured images are now used in the OGP tag. That can be changed by embedding an{{ogp:image}} in the blog item content.

Worth noting also that {{ogp:image}} tags always worked in blog content though.

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