Nearly every addon not accessible

I've had pulsecms for nearly a year. Been waiting for a version that I can use in production without issues. Testing and whatnot what I i can.

Went again to see if the addons were available, logged in and found that I cannot download any of the free addons to test at all. Either puts me in a login loop or just refreshes the page when you click on download.

The only addon I successfully downloaded was the plugin example.

Is anyone around anymore or has this project just go dark?

Where did the addons go? Im no longer able to view them.

Hello @sean, rest assured that we are actively working on this project. As for the addons, we have decided to remove them for now and contact the developers to provide an update to ensure that they will work flawlessly with the current version of Pulse.



Thank you Palej for updating me on this. I thought I was going crazy.

Thanks @Sean - please post your ideas for plugins needed / desired here:

I was hoping for the membership addon. When is that slated to be available?

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