Need help for GDPR

Now I installed Pulse newest beta - but:

Added a page cookie agree pop up tag for GDPR! {{gdpr}}##

I need help how to do.

I work with blocs templates and contents - after a lot of trials - it works now.

Only thing: I need the message for cookies…

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Glad to hear it @Rose

{{gdpr:additional text}}

Add a GDPR pop-up box to your page. It only has one optional parameter for extra text that is included in the popup.

Once the popup is accepted, it creates a session cookie (via Javascript) that blocks the popup appearing again.

If the popup is not selected, it will appear on the next page reload. There are also settings in the language files. Is your preferred language supported by Pulse?

Hi Michael,

thank you - this code is working now.

But before your answer I found another solution which is working also:

If you put in the code in a page is working too.

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Great - whichever solution is best for you :slight_smile:

We can add this as a Pulse Tag in a future update so you can use both.

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This was added in 5.2B4! :slight_smile: