πŸŽ‰ Pulse 5.2 is here! πŸŽ‰

:tada: 87 new updates in version 5.2

Highlights include:
Unlimited user management, offline blogging with desktop apps, Bootstrap 4 template and reduced file size. Wow. The best version has arrived.

Learn more here >

Thank you to everyone who contributed :heart_eyes:
Download it today from your Pulse Dashboard account and update you sites to 5.2!

Here's a full run through below on all that has changed.

Happy Pulsing this December!!


  • Unlimited user management added! It’s now possible to add as many users as you’d wish via the Admin settings and assign them Admin, Editor or Guest roles. You’ll now be able to add more contributors to big sites like schools and universities or for membership sites for private communities. The block/page editor can set which groups are allowed access.
  • Allow users to change the avatar from the Admin Settings (rather than just Media folder)
  • Redactor updated to 3.1.5
  • Added a β€œcookie consent” tag!
    Eg {{cookieconsent:#000:#f1d600:edgeless:bottom:www.site.com}}
    Variables are: popup background, button background, themes, position, link
    Need help for GDPR
  • Added css classes to the pagination view helper so pagination links can be styled or hidden by adding a class to the Pulse template
    Upgrading from Pulse 3 To Pulse 5 On Non Template Site
  • Reverse blog option in settings, so newest posts appear last. Useful for an events page or needing oldest first ordering
    Reverse blog-function
  • Added few more buttons to backend Redactor toolbar: Underline, Undo, Redo. So can now undo easily content changes!
  • Added an option in Form Settings to hide the GDPR consent box in forms (for users who don’t need it)
    GDPR input field on forms
  • Added a page cookie agree pop up tag for GDPR! {{gdpr}}
  • Global Saving added to Inline Editing! So 1-click save can also clearly save all the edits to make it even easier to use
  • Non-Pulse links in the Navigation can now also open in New Window
  • Brought back Inline-Editing boxes and IDs so easier to edit inline and know what you are doing and improved colours so more subtle
    Bring Back Green edit boxes
  • Offline Blogging Desktop Capabilities! Archive, write, preview, and publish your Pulse Blog posts with MarsEdit on your Mac or Open Live Writer for the PC. Make it even easier to edit your blog without needing a browser!
  • Brand new Default Template using Bootstrap4! Previous template moved to β€œdefault-2” folder, as an example of a child template
  • Select the service to use for the GeoIP settings in the stats. Select from: freegeoip, ipstack, snoopi. Enable in Settings and input the corresponding API key
  • Added pre text on blog tags such as "posted in" - can be changed in language files
    Upgrading from Pulse 3 To Pulse 5 On Non Template Site
  • New Dropdown styles added to default-2 template including responsive drawer menu on mobiles (new template also has beautiful mobile responsive sub-menu items!)


  • Added a failsafe check for Media folder/images when users add them via FTP and not the admin uploader - so the Media folder and Admin view is in sync
  • php mailer now moved to vendor directory
  • Added some logic to stop the GEO IP call if the key is missing (for the services that need them).
  • Removed the old default freegeoip for the stats since it’s now deprecated
  • Better country detection for GeoIP
  • Improved the Blog Api for integration with desktop blogging apps like OpenLiveWriter. The blog cache might need to be cleared in storage/cache to see the fix
  • Improved RSS importer for RapidWeaver 8 and Armadillo in particular
    How to import Rapidweaver RSS Blog into Pulse 5 CMS?
  • Switched over some code to non jQuery
  • Date of last revision added to policy/T&C tag
    NB this defaults to the last time the file was changed if the third tag parameter is not present
  • Added an intermediate step to the Pulse install updates process that lists the files that will be overwritten. The .htaccess and anything in the content directory are flagged
  • PHPMailer updated to the latest version
  • Changed the {{recentposts}} link so the date is not in highlight; just the title next to it. Thanks @RHKay
  • Switched off wrapping for images added via Redactor uploader, so can target tags directly for lightboxes or anything else
    How to add a single image lightbox?
    Images are reduced to 50% in size
  • Auto generate the blog url slugs. The user can change this but by pre-filling it saves time in making a blog post with less clicks.
  • {{sb_login}} tag now allows for blocks to have different passwords
  • {{sb_login}} tag also now has better redirecting on Locked page if password is wrong. There’s a customisable error message and the user stays on the page. sb_login uses "Your Password is Incorrect!" for the error message from the language strings. And can also be amended in the tag:
    {{sb_login:"password":"otp":"block_name":"error message"}}
  • {{sb_login}} with an empty block name leads to locking the page instead of the block.
  • Made Drag and Drop with Navigation a little more stable, especially in Chrome on PC
    Adding sub-menu
  • Inline Editing has been improved again! Save button is now green and the color button is added to the toolbar.
    Bring Back Green edit boxes
  • Top level Navigation link now allows for external links - not just in-site links
    Problems with the frontend while i am working in the backend
  • Improvements to default theme: logo a little smaller, Responsive menu improvements and a margin added to the back button in single post page.
  • Reduced File Size and number of Files of Pulsecore in order to speed up SFTP transfers on install! 83.57% file item size crushing! Only 17MB to upload!
  • Added date to {{recentposts}} tag - thanks @rie05
  • Reduced gap before inline edit boxes so doesn't jump down the page when visited as logged in user
  • Added more space between Blog Tags
  • Moved "Back" button in Blog to bottom of post (from top)
    Styling Pulse CMS Blog Pages
  • Redactor from 3.0.11 to 3.1.1
  • Improved deep links so Pulse installs on some server setups (which put all sites in the root) now work seamlessly with multi-site installs on the same server
  • Editor user dashboard improvements: Block list showing for editors in the dashboard, download backups no longer showing and the sidebar shows pages that the editor can edit
    Need Editor Capability Clarification
  • Pages List in the Admin now shows the page title as well as the filename
  • Login Admin Template welcome message now editable from the Admin Settings page. The old translations are used as the default if nothing entered
    Personalising admin login screen
  • Navigation CSS moved from Pulsecore CSS file into the template CSS files so much cleaner and easier to work with. All custom templates need to include menu css in the their own assets.
  • RapidWeaver can now work with second level navigation sites


  • Added a new safety check to raise an error if the old config.json cant be backed up or doesn’t exist
    Pulse 5.2BETA4 Release / Latest coming next week
  • Regenerate the json config if needed
  • Selecting/unselecting delete and activate in Navigation Menu Settings now sets the menu items too. Save works correctly
  • Drag and drop images order in Media is now working correctly
  • Fixed Footer showing JSON on install. The fix is to ensure the template parses footer blocks instead of just including them. So use {{block:copyright}} instead of including it.
  • Installer Bug fix
  • Plugged in an update for the redactor alignment bug. The fix is to allow figures in the output (imageFigure setting for redactor).
  • Pulse now applies the Page Description correctly. The "Page Description" is now used if "Custom META description" is empty.
    Pulse ignores $page_desc;
  • Backspace/delete not working in Tables within Redactor WYSIWYG Blocks
  • Removed snoopi service from geoip options
    Pulse 5.2 BETA2 is out.. new theme, smaller footprint and offline blogging!
  • Sub folders under pages - bug fix for names ending with periods
  • Updating error when Pulse is in a sub folder is now fixed
    Error message using built in UPDATE option
  • Plugged in fix for error with blog loading in some cases. Thanks to @jprezleon
  • {{recentposts}} tag now works with multi-blogs (sub-blogs). The tag takes two parameters (both optional). The first is the number of posts to show and the second is the blog to use. eg {{recentposts:"10":"blog/another"}} for a sub blog.
  • Bug fix for the image chooser in Redactor and selecting images from sub folders
    Problems with the frontend while i am working in the backend
  • Fixed the bug also in the admin direct image upload.
  • Also removed icons, branding and thumbnails from the Redactor image chooser
  • Plugged in a fix for the media block on the admin dashboard page. The media block had thumbnails and the gallery file.
  • Plugged in a fix for a GeoIP bug.
  • JSON error in the top of the page
  • Blog {{social}} is now posting complete URL on single posts
    Blog {{social}} tags issue
  • Plugged in a fix for Blog META appearing in first line of Blog content.
  • HTML bug fix for media list with bullets on the dashboard
  • Inline editing and a few other things missing from Default template now fixed (tags added again)
  • Dashboard Notes Block Unordered List fix
  • Policy Tag fix for the displayed font
  • Fix styles issue for Locked pages using {{sb_login}} tag
  • Renaming Blocks with conflicting directory names (eg Contact Form) is now fixed
  • Editor login bug - session cleanup and typo fix
  • Moving images now rebuilds the gallery.txt files and thumbs
  • Related Gallery txt issue fixed
  • Navigation Page Titles in the site navigation can now contain spaces eg "About Me"
  • Fixed when admin is logged-out the policy page was broken and clashed with some theme CSS styles
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Excellent news thanks.
I just tried to update from control panel = selected the 5.2 zip and it seems to start, but then U just get a blank page with this in the address bar:
and no further action.

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Another huge and awesome update! Great work @pulsecms!!

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Thanks @mallow76 - had our heads down for a while! :sweat_smile:

Can’t see that message @jdloudon as not logged in to your site - can you message it to me? Also with your logs?


Hi, thanks for quick response.
Log files sent

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Thanks @jdloudon

This is most likely to do with uploading size restrictions on the server.

  • Option 1:
    And it can be solved with the POST_MAX_FILESIZE and UPLOAD_MAX_FILESIZE settings related in the htaccess file. Lines 2 and 3 in the .htaccess need to be uncommented for the upload to work.

If not:

  • Option 2 is to reduce the size of the update zip to fall below 2Mb which is the usual default for servers
  • Option 3 is to add a .htacess to the admin directory so those settings are always available
  • Option 4 is to try to set this in PHP directly (in the admin area). That does’nt always work though.
  • Option 5 check in the php.ini settings

My server allows larger file uploads so it works in testing no problem. Hope you can work it! :slight_smile:

Thats great thanks. I run Plesk management on my server and can change max file upload size in each domain’s PHP settings so I did that.
Could I suggest that a future version might have an error message in admin extend page that says what the error is so that it fails gracefully? I think a lot of people might run into this issue.
All best to you and team

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Hi Michael - @pulsecms

Does Pulse 5.2 mean that e-commerce is out of beta now ?


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Great suggestion @jdloudon - let’s get that in there :slight_smile:

Thanks @MDS - not yet!

This topic was automatically closed 14 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.

This was added in 5.2.2 @jdloudon :slight_smile: