New types of content for custom posts types


Hey! I’m trying to create a website for a real estate agent and I was wondering if there was a way to have more than just text options such as video or pictures available for custom post types

5.3.2 is getting ready!
Multiple Custom Post Type tags on one page

Ah great idea Nate! At the moment no, but that is something we have added to the future improvements list. You’re the first person to request it!

You could do absolute links of images, but that might not be easiest for clients.

We’ll look at making this feature more powerful, but from what we can gather not many people use it :sweat_smile:


That would be awesome! I’d love to see custom post types more powerful. Especially with this awesome backend. Hopefully it’s in the pipeline and coming up soon!


Thanks @nate :slight_smile:
Let’s see about doing this in 5.3 or slightly after… definitely noted!


This is amazing. I’m actually talking to the person in charge of the CMS. Pulse is incredible. I would love to see it in that update :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just to reiterate from here:

Thanks @nate this is ready for release in 5.3.2:

  • Custom Post Types can now have multiple tags and basic audio/video/image support (entry needs full URL to support this)