5.3.2 is getting ready!


We’ve started work on 5.3.2 and it will be ready later this month :slight_smile:

Be sure to post your ideas and suggestions here:

Thanks to @Oliver, @ezchile, @chad and @IvaRo for posting bug reports so far.

Here’s the list of changes made at the moment:

(note - this list is being updated / edited)…

Pulse 5.3.2




Main things left to do seem like:

More updates soon! :sunglasses:

Suggestions for 5.3.2
Yet more blog problems
5.3.2 Final Release is today 🤩

@ Michael, can you please have a look?
I have in my blogs right at the beginning of a gallery and not a picture inserted. Blogs are included on my homepage with {{recentpost_visual}}. At the bottom of the homepage you can see the buttons for the gallery box - they should not be visible. If I click on the gallery, the pictures all open one below the other, but not in the gallery box, but directly on the page - then nothing works anymore, also no navigation. To see here: www.raeuberkinder.de

If then the sorting of the images in the Media Gallery folders and subfolders and the meta tags for the images in the subfolders works, I am happy :smiley: and can finally provide my customers with the new software.
Many Thanks


Thanks @annett - we will take a look at these also - thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


Thanks @annett!

For this bug, I think a couple of things are interacting:

  • multiple gallery tags are running the baguette box start up code more than once. There’s now a fix for that in the next update :slight_smile:

  • the baguette box css isn’t being loaded on https://www.raeuberkinder.de/
    I think it might be best to check that the layout file includes {{theme_css}} in the HTML head tag. I also saw some meta tags in the page body, so its also worth checking that\pulsecore\get_context()->theme->meta->render() is in the HTML head tag.



This should be out hopefully next week … the official update list is as follows and address all the issues identified in this post :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend!

Pulse 5.3.2




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