No broken source code since Pulse 5

The source code in the Wysiwyg editor doesn't adapt to the monitor width in the new PULE5 version (tested with the latest Chrome and Firefox). In the editor field, the scroll bar is only at the bottom of the very long field. This was not the case with Pulse 4.7. Is the error possibly already known and is there an update?

hi bernd,

i was just about to post this as well ^^ i have a veeery long page and it seems Redactor (wysiwyg) does not brake lines (HMTL mode)

also, the Redactor toolbar does not change its position to fixed when i scroll down in my very long page (WYSIWYG mode), meaning, i have to scroll a lot so i can set an H3 or text in bold

Thanks @Bernd

Unfortunately this is a know issue with Redactor 2 + Code Highlighter plugin and not much we can do:

The solution is we will soon be upgrading Pulse 5 to Redactor 3 (most likely Pulse 5.1) and the source code view will go back to greyscale, but the scrolling will be fixed:


Thanks @squareclouds-design - this is also something we'll look at for that update also and allow a fixed toolbar for long Blocks/Pages.

They'll be a few other surprises but I'll save those for later :wink:

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This is in 5.1