Ogp:image not working as expected

hi guys,

i am really unsure of how ogp is used in the new version. in pulse 4 i wrote my own small plugin which looked for the first image, if there were none, then just showed the standard one.

first problem i am having: the standard image from the settings is not showing after i change it! it is saved in the config.json, but the HTML isnt loading the new variable, it still shows the pulse5_banner.jpg. to be honest i deleted the "opengraph" folder from media. do i need it? also i removed the featured images.

secondly, i think i read that michael wrote somewhere, that for a next version the auto-search-the-page for images will be implemented. in my opinion this is a must! there is not always the time the set all ogp meta for all pages, so looking for images inside the page that fit the content semantically rather than just using a standard one is what we actually need, at least as a default that can be overwritten.

the redundancy of inserting images in a page and then uploading featured images in another folder so the OGP works is kinda silly...

or maybe i am just not understanding it correctly (again, it seems a bit complicated). to summarize, my questions would be

  1. do i need the folders "featured images" and "opengraph"?

  2. is it working for someone in 5.3.2? i am using {{ogp:image:some_path.jpg}} but the standard image is showing.

  3. anyone having problems with the standard image? my new path for it is saved in the config file, but the html still shows http://update.squareclouds.de/content/media/branding/pulse5_banner.jpg. this is happening for all meta properties, image, og:image and twitter:image. also, can this standard image be in "template" or somewhere else? or must it be in the content folder?

thanks fellas!

PS: og:site_name content=Pulse CMS 5.3.2 seems a little bit strange as well ^^

Thanks @squareclouds-design

  • Yes you still need the"opengraph" folder - see below..
  • You don't need to use the {{ogp:tags}} anymore
  • Here' some more notes on this, please try these in your project and see how the results are:

Since 5.3.2:

  • Fixes for the OGP featured images. Pulse now uses featured images for blog items (if they exist), the body tag has been refactored and there is a open graph image loading fix (per page)
    OGP featured images

Since 5.3.1:

  • New social_exposure feature replaces the deprecated {{ogp}} tag and pulls in images from a dedicated media folder - with options all in settings for the default and more social media integration
    OGP featured images

Read more on this:

And from the manual:


Add in the site template the following placeholder tag (and it will be replaced by the OGP information):


The old OGP plugin is still there but it’s now not used (deprecated). The new social_exposure feature has the output replacing the OGP placeholder in the layout file.

The images used come from the media/opengraph directory with the pages coming from media/opengraph/page/

media/opengraph/page/ needs the page images. For each page an image is loaded from here (or a default /media/branding/pulse5_banner.jpg is used as set in settings)

There are more options in settings for social media keys and accounts if needed.

Let us know!

hi michael,

yes, i tried to understand from the manual but didnt success :-/ i think the CMS is getting so powerfull that an extensive manual is needed, with examples and images etc for people like us who dont work with it that often and miss some update infos, sometimes for months. to be honest with you i still dont get it by just reading it :smiley: but i will try to play around with it this weekend.

thanks again!

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As far as I know, Michael is preparing a manual.
Something similar to here.

and more languages:

If links (403), use the zip file link.



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@IvaRo thank you, but i cannot open your links, i get a 403.

@pulsecms sorry, forget to re-ask. the standard ogp image that we can set from the settings... does it need the opengraph folder to work as a dependency? as i said in my original post, the setting is saved, but the new image is not loading (#3 in my original questions)


@IvaRoyes, something like that woul be perfect :slight_smile: now the links worked, thanks!

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Save page as one html file.
You can edit, export, import, and always save a new html file.


More at https://tiddlywiki.com/

Write a search for "manual" or something else

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Yes it does!


ok, thank you michael!

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thanks michael, got it running now in 5.3.3 :slight_smile: but after the update the googlemaps tag stoped working :confused: will look for a thread here in the forum

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Fixed in 5.3.4: