Open Live Write, mobile editing, offline editing

Good morning

First I have a question configuring the Oper Live Writer. During the setup OLW asks the web address of the blog, this seem clear to me, for example. Then user/password. But then according to the manual I have to take the Metaweblog API. Here I don’t understand the manual. What is needed here?

Second, I would like to edit things on my I pad as well, is there an App allowing offline editing or should I go with Webbrowser.

Sorry for these questions, but I’m only a beginner in this stuff and use it for my own personal page…

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Thanks for the questions @legi

  1. What is your URL? It should be for Open Live Writer

  2. Web browser and “Add to home screen” and will make a unique shortcut and mini-app icon for it. No iPad app yet I’m afraid


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This was fixed in 5.2.2 for Open Live Writer: