Winter 2019 update: Pulse 5.2.2 is here 🔥


We’ve been beavering away over the Winter Break and (following on from this announcement) now have a little treat to keep your sites warm this winter :fire:

Thanks :heart_eyes: to everyone for your feedback on this one.

Please report any more bugs here and happy site building!

Download from your Pulse account today!

Here’s the complete run down of all the updates:

Pulse 5.2.2


  • Detect missing .txt on files and handle them better
  • Sample.htaccess to mirror included htaccess for file upload parameters as a prompt if needed
  • Fixed cache clearing on the open pages as a precaution
  • Admin - edit items handle no user group more gracefully
    5.2 adding users and groups
  • Added error message for the no group case and disabled the redirect to the groups page (when there are no groups)
    5.2 adding users and groups
  • User management improvement - consolidate per page and group resource access. The group access list is now the ground truth. The page/block group setting now adjusts this too.
  • User management improvements - renames/deletes now update the user group permissions
    Php errors when saving content or creating user
  • Added graceful notifications to Pulsecore updates! Thanks @jdlouden for the idea (shows error messages and the upload size allowed)
    🎉 Pulse 5.2 is here! 🎉
  • Updated Redactor to 3.1.6
  • Handle Open Live Writer editing Blog posts more gracefully
    Open Live Write, mobile editing, offline editing
  • Add an option in {{recentposts}} to not show date. Add a third parameter for tag, anything other than an empty string is taken to turn the date display off (e.g. 1)
    Time Stamp in {{recentposts}} tag
  • Redactor Editor screen now has a minimum height of 380px so that it is not too small when opening a Block for the first time with no content inside
  • Pulse now checks the permissions of content/backups and content/stats in the installer and skip daily backups if no content/backups and log an error message - thanks to @norm from Blocs app for this suggestion
  • Added some error trapping for the admin navigation management page for non UTF-8 characters


Php errors when saving content or creating user
5.2 adding users and groups
🎉 Pulse 5.2 is here! 🎉
Time Stamp in {{recentposts}} tag
Open Live Write, mobile editing, offline editing
No special characters in the menu items
Error message ?!
Pulse 5.2.1 and Blocs 3.0.6
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Sorry if i am missing something but, is the multiple user & user level management ready for prime time? The login page only reflects Administrator & Editor user levels with no individual Username login form field- just a simple password field after the old drop down Administrator & Editor selector, same as before. Then, while inside the Admin Panel, after adding users or their levels/groups, you can’t see a list of existing users or levels/groups! How can we manage them? (Not that they could use their usernames to login anyway it seems…) Am I missing something? Don’t get me wrong- I’m happy to see there has been some work on the feature request I’ve submitted but what gives?

That being said, keep up the good work. I can’t imagine wading through this amount of code is easy!

Pulse 5.3 is here 🤩

If you are using 5.2.2 then yes it should be working - as you expect and your description is not what should be happening … so let us setup another test on this.

5.2.2 brought more improvements to the admin user management based on feedback from users here on the forum so happy to get your feedback here, thank you.

Thanks for your understanding - we’re trying our best and working on this everyday! :heart_eyes:

We’ve already started on 5.2.3 and will get this into that update also if we can replicate the issues.


PS - do you have a staging site or can you send private message to me here with a zip of your logs (settings > extend > logs) ?


Sorry for the delay. Will send you what I have… Can you post a screenshot as to what the updated login and user list is supposed to look like? Thanks!


Sent! :pray: Thank you again for your attention to my issues! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sending these.

Tested this again. I could add a group and that displays. Adding a user works as well. I saw the new user in the login box and could login.

It might be workflow related, since the new management pages don’t affect the old admin/editor permissions management.

But let’s check through your logs and work this out for the next update :slight_smile:


Looking at the logs, it’s best to create the group first and then attach the group when the user is created.

The error should be handled more gracefully. We’ll plug in a fix for that shortly for the next update :slight_smile:


Updates for this will be in 5.2.3 which will be available soon :slight_smile:

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