Php errors when saving content or creating user

hi guys,

EDIT: having the problems in a fresh install of 5.2 and in my updated website

i was testing pulse 5.2 today and i am having 2 problems:

  1. cant create new users; i get the following error when saving

  1. every time i save a page or block, i get the following error, which i presume has to do with the users as well

the line of the error is different thou (168 for pages, 116 for blocks). the blogs dont show this error message.

any ideas?

thanks and greets

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Could be permissions - can you message me (DM) your logs from the install? Thanks!

This bug is about missing user groups. We’ve tweaked the handling and added a redirect so the user gets directed to the groups page if there are no groups.

We’ll release a mini-patch update for that today :slight_smile:

This has been fixed in a mini 5.2.1 release today - available on the dashboard :slight_smile:

Hi Michael

Thanks for the mini-release v5.2.1.

Can I ask you (or anyone else who has mastered the art) to please supply a work-flow to set up Groups, Users and User Roles?

Before this new release - I too was having error reports appear. Now, I can’t work out how to configure settings to make it work. Where does one set Admin, Editor or Guest roles?

In anticipation


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dear michael,

i am sending you the install log about permissions right now, thanks

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indeed. i also installed 5.2.1, but there is still many bugs with the users, so i wont be using them, since i dont actually need them...

BUT!!! the big problem is, if i save a page or block, since something is still causing problems with the user settings, the pages or blocks show the above error message, as stated before – so i somehow do need the users.

if i create a user, the problems i had:

  1. i cant really create a user, since the link "manage users" forwards me to group creation first

  2. i first had to create a group, then i thought. my group was named "admins" with all r/w rights. after that i created a user by clicking manage users again, since the link now directed me to the actual user creation. this is not wanted behaviour i think, since the system already comes with 2 groups: admin and editor. if i want to create a user this should be possible without having to create an extra group first

  3. in the user panel, i can create now a user with a) with admin rights (from the admin or editor drop down) b) with admin rights from dropdown AND/OR part of my group admins from point 2 in the checkbox section

  4. after creating the user, i could log in and everything, all seemed to be fine BUT.... trouble found me when i changed a page or blocks name... the user group i created (admins) didnt recognize that it was a rename, so it created a new rights item i think. to be honest, i cant remember this correctly, since i already reversed everything ,btu the following is still problematic:

the biggest problem is: you can set in each page the rights you want... but also in the group rights panel. if you delete a user group after having set the rights in a page to allow that group, the page still has the relation to the already deleted group in it's json settings, and the page does not load at all.

after deleting the group, i had to change the json data of 1 page and 2 blocks manually in a text editor, since they still had the relation

i think the user idea is good, but there has to be a central place to store the page-group associations, so when a group is deleted all pages that had this group are updated.

also, saving blocks or pages using only the system admin (no users, no groups) is still giving me the php errors after migrating (i didnt make a fresh 5.2.1 install), but again, i had the same problems with a 5.2 fresh install and 5.2 migrated from 5.1. i have the feeling that right now one problem is causing the other, and vice versa ^^

sorry if some parts were not understandable enough, please feel free to ask.

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Thanks for the feedback and for the logs

Let us work on these and then get back to you :slight_smile:

dear michael,

thanks! i will try to work on the website in the next few days as well, maybe i can find out something more.

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Updated/ fixed these errors in 5.2.2: