Please help with GeoIP data for site statistics

The geo-database was removed from Pulse but unfortunately I am not able to find an API. My customers and I do not want to give up this service.
I think, as many of you are, I work for clients and I am bound by the strict privacy regulations for Europe. For example, anonymize the IP address and send no user data anywhere.
I would like to use a free and free (open source) source and do not have to log in to any company with a user account.
Is there anyone who can give me an API geodatabase and give an API key that works with Pulse and complies with the privacy policy? Sorry, I’m just too dumb for that:roll_eyes:, I’m just a designer …:thinking:
I am very grateful for any help
Thank you, Annett

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No problems @annett - yes the built-in version we were using for Pulse until recently shut down so now there are a couple of alternatives you can use:

IPStack is worth trying and the free plan should suffice for your client’s site.

Regarding GDPR, it sounds ok but best to check with them specifically:


If you haven’t heard of GDPR, chances are that you might either fall into their trap or don’t need it.

GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation ) is a law that aims to protect the privacy of users in the European Union.

GDPR essentially prevents companies like Cambridge Analytica from gaining access to your data.

I asked an IPstack representative and they are GDPR compliant, so no worries there.

Hope that helps!

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Hello Michael, thank you for your answer.
I had already looked at both sides. is now also, the same source.
The problem for me is this:
The DSGVO is VERY strict, especially with regard to tracking. I would have to create a separate account for each of my customers at ipstack. Customers do not understand this and it is virtually impossible to explain. The customer data is not stored in Europe and I do not know what ipstack does with it. I would go here in Devil’s Kitchen … (In May 2018, I removed everything from the client pages, which accesses external servers: Google Maps, Google Fonts, … and either stored on its own server or replaced by a link).
Alternatives would be:

  1. to refrain from this evaluation
  2. to access a really free server / database in Europe (without registration and tracking)
  3. as in the previous pulse, but not integrated (for those who do not need it) but as an extra data package to load a data source on its own server and as previously add this source in the “Settings / GeoIP data for page statistics” in the selection. Is it difficult? It was similar before.
    Maybe there are other ideas?
    Many Thanks
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Absolutely open to ideas on this @annett

If you (or anyone else) has suggestions for options we can look into integrated them.

Other things:

  • We had to remove the original version in around 5.2BETA1 as it was deprecated and added these alternatives
  • There is also an option in the settings to switch this off if it’s not desirable at all (so no country / browser tracking)
  • Happy to add another data source that can either be downloaded in the settings or as an option, but we just can’t find any other alternatives at the moment that are open-source

Hopefully more services will become available in the near future that we can use to integrate this with :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Michael. I hope there is someone here in the forum who has an idea or an open source.
For now, this option needs to be disabled for most of my clients for now.

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We’ve added for non-commercial sites as another Geo-IP option in 5.3.1 (out soon).

I don’t think that’s GDPR compliant though but it’s another option to consider.

Not sure what else can be added. If we find more then we will add them over time :slight_smile:

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