Possibility for a Client Team of 2 Tiered Editor Admins?

I was wondering if we could make multiple user logins with different roles. Of course, we include a Developer Admin (One Admin to rule them all) but then set up more than one Editors with maybe a 2 level tiering. I am developing a website for a church and would like to make the pastors and a senior elder of the church higher level than individual editors in their respective ministries (departments)- Somewhat like a stratified role where the pastors and senior elder can choose which lesser editor block submissions are allowed published on a page. :slight_smile:

This is a good idea and something we’ll consider.

At the moment we decided on the developer (admin) and client (editor) - however many clients. Of course for schools, churches and places with lots of editors it might be preferable to split permissions more. This is something we’ll think about but might be beyond the vision/simplicity ethos of Pulse - but we’ll certainly look into it.

Thanks for the vote on this

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Thanks @ralphlambiase for this suggestion… we’re finally starting to realise this:
Unlimited users coming soon 🍁 :slight_smile:

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