"Preview" in Admin Panel Goes to wrong folder

I’ve used Rapidweaver to build a basic site for blogging for a client and I’m having a couple issues. The first being when I’m in the admin panel and go to “preview” it’s taking me to the index page in the “pulse” folder not the root. Is there a way to change that so my client doesn’t have to go through complicated steps to preview changes?
Second, even though I’ve changed the branding logos, they don’t refresh correctly and the thumbnails in the admin panel don’t change. Any help with these two issues would be appreciated.

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Thanks @Speedbump - I think that issue with RW has been recorded here by @Raimo:

You can follow the issue on the link above.

Re: branding logos… can you share a link? It may be a cache issue. I suggest turning off the cache in the admin settings or dumping the cache in the browser. But this would have most likely cleared by now.

This has been fixed/improved in 5.3.8

Preview in Pulse now goes to correct place if installed with RapidWeaver