Use different navigation menus for each layout

Use different navigation menus for each layout.
How do I edit the navigation according to this example?
In the future, or the current version.
It will cue {{navigation}} able to accept parameters?
For example, {{navigation: business}}.
The use:
Each layout uses different site content.

  • Presentation of various topics
    (automotive theme, hotel theme, etc.).
  • Your pages are divided into three groups (layouts).
    Each layout uses its own menu navigation.
    (Public section, Business section and staff part (non-public)).

Maybe a thought for the future Pulse?

Can you please advise?

Great idea @IvaRo

For now there is one navigation for all themes+child themes (templates and sub templates)

But multi-navigation is a good idea for a future version.

Thanks for that :slight_smile:

This is being planned for maybe 5.0.3… we’ll see :slight_smile:

Yes - this is in 5.1!