Pulse Core (free for most) Beta Released 🏁

We are excited to release the first beta version of Pulse Core!

PulseCMS Core is a version of Pulse that's free for community use. Any organization or individual generating less than $400,000 per year can use PulseCMS Core for free.

Download Pulse Core Beta 1 Now

The limitations of Pulse Core are:

  • Limited to 1 user.
  • Automatic upgrade feature is not available.

Aside from this, you get all the features of PulseCMS!


Does it include support for RapidWeaver, Blocs and 2-factor authentication?

Yes, it includes the same support as the standard PulseCMS version.

Can I share the 1 login with multiple people?

Yes. While you cannot create more than one user/password, you are free to share the login information.

What if I or my clients generate over $400,000 per year?

You can still use PulseCMS Core for development or evaluation until you're ready for production. Your clients will need to buy a license to PulseCMS if their business generates more than that. Please give feedback if you feel we should increase the number.

Why the $400,000 limit?

We want to make PulseCMS sustainable. We're experimenting with this as a more careful initiative than making it fully free.

I disagree with the limitations. What can I do?

Let us know! If you think this is too limiting, or that tactically we should lock down other features to sustain the PulseCMS project, let us know.

We are trying to strike a balance between giving to the community and charging those who can afford it.

Is Pulse Core open source?

Not exactly. Because you cannot publicly share or redistribute your code modifications. Typical open source licenses such as GPL or MIT would allow this. However, the source code in the beta is fully visible in the ZIP file, and individuals can modify it. It is a proprietary license with source code.

We hope you enjoy the new Pulse Core Beta, and we look forward to your feedback!


Where do we report bugs?

So who are you? Who is running or owns Pulse CMS these days? I have stripped Pulse from almost all my sites (had over 20 using Pulse just a few years ago) down to a legacy few. But not going to jump on board without a little info as to who is behind the operation... The website hasn't been updated for years...


Right now, we're experimenting with different organizational structures, and we don't want to try something and then change the story. So for now, the org structure is in stealth mode so to speak. Once we find the right balance of community, shared source and paid, and validate we have a team who can create traction quickly, we will set it in stone and make it public.

@bucket_of_stoves You can report bugs here in the forum (please create new topics for each bug and include a screenshot if you can).

This whole situation has been so shady. Long periods of silence with no update, New secret owner(s) who won't say who they are or what happened to the previous ownership? No thanks.

(The creator of Pulse CMS)


I have downloaded and tried this beta. I am glad to see that something is happening with Pulse but this version is not for me. It is really veru slow. Each click on a link results in a wait from the server. Thiis is compared to a brand new installation of 5.4.0 which is snappy and instant.

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Thanks for your feedback. We will start to work on a fix for this. Thank you.

I don’t know if it is fixed yet or not, but I have to say that Pulse Core runs fine in my case under PHP 8.1 on an Apache server and standard web hosting. Good work!

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@jdloudon we could not reproduce any large slowness when testing pulse. If there is a new slowdown we definitely need to fix it. Can you share the PHP version and web server you’re using? If you have time, optional- it would be great to send us an email with the PHP log. (Support@…)

Thank you!

Quick update. We are working on a new release that is more compatible with PHP8. (Ie, replacing deprecated code.) no new features but perhaps this caused slowness for particular configurations.

Hi, I am using PHP 7.4.3 on a VPS at Namesco. Its a very good and fast server.
The issue was that as I clicked a link I could see the server requests on the status line at bottom of screen, and it was literally half the speed of the 5.4 version in terms of speed and responsiveness.
I dont yet have the option of PHP 8

Hi I'm still unable to isolate the problem. I haven't seen other complaints but I'm sure that this exists, perhaps for 7.4.3 specifically... I am going to get a support person to reach out to you.. If you have time- optional- they might request a video from Loom (or similar simple screen recording tool) so we can see and diagnose.

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