Pulse Ecommerce final release! πŸ›’


@ezchile - for UK and GBP then just switch it to


  • If problems persist please send us a link to your site
  • This is working in testing, if not:
  • Please try it with 5.3.1 after it has shipped tomorrow
  • Send me a private message with the exact tag you are using


5.3.2 Final Release is today 🀩
5.3.2 is getting ready!
5.3.2 is getting ready!

Hi Michael.

Firstly, thanks so much for looking into this. I have now downloaded 5.3.1, which seems to be so very nearly there in terms of eCommerce in places where currency isn’t a dollar amount.

I did notice that the newly defined currency symbol shows everywhere other than a couple of related places ($ is still hardcoded within the price dropdowns within the front-end and any new price added in the back-end)

But the checkout page seems to pass the correct info through, which is really great.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news regarding the dollar symbol bit. Your teams hard work on this is very much appreciated. :hugs:


Thanks for the report @ezchile

From what I can see:

  • new products are showing the correct currencies (this is a new product I just added now):


  • the problem is adding dropdown information - the currency symbol is incorrect on the front:

  • and the back:

Let me know if this is what you are reporting?

We’ll get this out in 5.3.2 - but just going to take a short break for now :dash::crazy_face:


Yes. That’s what I mention above. I only noticed it in the frontend dropdown information, and the backend β€˜Price’ information which is being added automatically.

Enjoy your break Michael.


Thanks @ezchile :slight_smile:

In the meantime, the options cane be done by hand so those will need to be edited in shop.xml if the currency is changed (in Tags folder) but will get a solution out for this

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Thanks @ezchile - cleaned up the UI a little and added a currency drop down for 5.3.2 :slight_smile: