Pulse Ecommerce final release! 🛒


Pulse Ecommerce final release is here in Pulse 5.3!

Which means, yes… (it’s out of BETA)

Thanks to all the BETA testers and their feedback, Pulse Commerce has now arrived in Pulse 5.3 - wahoo :star_struck:

(read more on that here: https://forum.pulsecms.com/t/pulse-5-3-is-here/13690)

Ecommerce CMS

Build stores for any project, client sites or shops. Allow your clients to edit from their Pulse admin without needing to code or contact you. All without needing a database or further plugins.

Sell with copy and paste

Add products, set the price, add your PayPal account and currency and then embed in your Pulse sites with the {{unishop}} tag. Edit anytime from the admin. Boom!

Check out these screen shots:

1. Edit your products in the Pulse Dashboard

2. Add the Pulse Commerce / Shop Tag to your page

3. See how it looks in your site

4. Click on an item and Buy it!

How to do it

It is really easy to create and edit a quick store in your Pulse project. The product details can be seen inside Pulse admin settings, extend and “Manage your Store”.

The default install comes filled with example data which you can delete from here or edit to create your own items. Add and amend items at any time.

You will need to fill out (or leave blank) the following for each item:

  • Name
  • Price
  • SKU
  • Description
  • Rating
  • Category
  • Thumbs
  • Photos
  • Quantity
  • Options

You can do these for yourself or pre-set for a client. They can then edit or add/delete more once you hand over the site to them.

The photos and thumbs can be either absolute URLs or based in the Media folder in “unishop”. Add the relative link for each item.

Once you have your list of items ready (and the client can edit them later at any time) then use the {{unishop}} tag to place the shop on your page (or Block) and amend options for the PayPal settings of the tag.

Once the store is live, just edit the items from the “Manage your Store” page as your shop progresses and those amends will appear automatically on your Pulse site.

Pulse Ecommerce Tag


The arguments are: PayPal email, currency, locale, no_shipping, return url and the cancel url.

How do I get it into my Pulse site?

This is included for FREE inside Pulse 5.3+ … so download today form your dashboard and get making some stores!

Happy selling with Pulse! :zap::dollar::shopping::+1:

Pulse 5.3 is here 🤩
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Fantastic - look forward to using it, thanks :slight_smile:


It’s a start. Unfortunately, the shop function is legally in Germany and in the EU not usable!


Could you explain why (any guidelines?) and then we can work to make it so!



The following rules must be observed in Germany and in the EU, otherwise it is Abmahnfähig. Is a huge problem in Germany.

-> Under the price in the shop must always be the following sentence, if it is for an end customer: “incl. VAT excl. Shipping costs”
-> exact delivery time
-> The customer must get a separate overview of his order before completion of the order (conditionally fulfilled)
-> The right of withdrawal and the General Terms and Conditions must be confirmed separately prior to purchase, usually during the last process. They must be visible and printable.
-> The last confirmation button must read: “paid order” or similar
-> After ordering, the customer must immediately receive an e-mail with the order details and the terms and conditions and the right of withdrawal
-> VAT must be displayed and calculated in the order summary.

These are a few points that need to be met. For Woocommerce there is a good example of a German implementation. Here is the link to the DEMO: http://demo.vendidero.de

Maybe you can help me too. When I click on “Proceed to Checkout” in the shopping cart, I am redirected to Paypal and receive the error message: “Sorry, a system error has occurred. Please try again later.”



I’m not sure what Abmahnfähig is, but it sounds terrible :persevere:

Let me look at some of those, most of them seem common sense and fixable already in the current implementation:

  • you could add this in the product description - there’s a huge space for this
  • Or as it’s a tag on the page, add this in another Block at the bottom saying “all items inc VAT excl. Shipping costs” - or whatever
  • Same as above, in your FAQs on the page or in the product description
  • There is a full order before completing (going to checkout) in the basket total
  • PayPal screen also shows the order again before “proceeding to payment”
  • There is not “confirm” box for this
  • But you could at least add Terms and Conditions to the page as a Block or link to a Terms page
  • “By paying you agree to our terms and conditions” - but to do more than that is beyond the scope of the add-on at the moment
  • Not sure what this means but in a future update we’ll allow the Ecommerce plugin to be translatable
  • The PayPal checkout can be changed to be in German so I’m sure they have this as default in their lang settings?
  • PayPal handle this and send a payment notification to the shop keeper and a the order details to the customer - with their terms. I’m sure they are legal in Germany?
  • The plugin doesn’t do consumption tax currently, but that can be added in PayPal and you’ll see that on the last confirmation page
  • What did you add to the page as your tag? There seems to be a Euros bug that will be fixed in a quick update out soon (5.3.1)

Thanks for the feedback!


I’m also getting that Paypal message. You end up at a blank white screen.

Also, any idea how to change the currency symbol to something other than ‘$’?
I’ve used the following tag:


I’d hoped that it would then display ‘£’… But ti doesn’t. If I try to add it into the ‘Price’ field, I end up with ‘$£’.

Shipping also really doesn’t make sense to me. I can’t set it to anything other than free, and surely each item might require it’s own shipping cost - as some things might be heavier than others…?


Dear Pulse Team,

“Abmahnfähig” means that there are lawyers in Germany who search websites and search for legal errors and then warn the owners with a sum of money.

The customer has to make a separate overview of the order (conditionally fulfilled)

The customer must complete a complete overview of the order and the statement of VAT and shipping costs before concluding and paying. And then the order button must get a special note. For example, “paid order” or something like that. And the terms and conditions and the right of withdrawal must be confirmed via a checkbox. What Paypal indicates when forwarding does not count.

It may sound completely crazy. But it is like that in Germany. If you could add an overview page before the process button to Paypal, I think many would have helped. There is also great service, such as paddle etc. In Germany not allowed for a German company !!

I will give an example:
In Germany a cancellation period of 14 days applies to online orders. A judge has then decided that there must be 4 weeks on Ebay. There was a transitional period of a few weeks. Then lawyers have searched on the Ebay search in the Terms and all dealers with 14 days withdrawal period sued / warned. It will be expensive for the dealer. There are whole law firms in Germany that only do that.

Kind regards

  • What tag options are you using for this?
  • {{unishop:"test@this.that":"GBP":"en_GB":"5":"/paypal_ok":"/paypal_cancel"}} ?
  • Please try it with “0” instead of “5”

I’d hoped that it would then display ‘£’… But ti doesn’t. If I try to add it into the ‘Price’ field, I end up with ‘$£’.

  • Yes we are fixing this with an option in 5.3.1
  • Yes, we will add more shipping options per item in a future update
  • PayPal only has simple shipping so it will be flat rate - regardless of the item quantity but each item will have it’s own shipping rate


Thanks for the explanation @codiergott - yes that sounds pretty terrible :frowning:

At this stage the Ecommerce is linked with PayPal so if they are not providing enough protection in this matter, there’s not much else we can add on except some kind of overview page perhaps.

Or maybe being able to add some kind of text under the buttons on this pop-up?

Yes Paddle is good and @instacks has a Paddle Tag already available or can offer advice on :slight_smile:



I don’t understand that quote (I am speaking German).

Pulse 5.3.1 is here! 🤩

Same result.

The contents of the page it’s on is:


Add something to cart, attempt to checkout…

Ending up with this screen.


Hallo Instacks,

benutzt du zum Verkauf in Deutschland Paddle? Ich habe mit einem IT-Rechts Anwalt gesprochen und der hat mir davon abgeraten. Habe bei Paypal auch den gleichen Fehler, wie ezchile.




I case of Paddle, they are the Merchant of Record. The contract will be closed between Paddle and the customer, not you. This is clearly visible in their checkout form (and not yours).


Ok, thanks for the answer. This was new to me. Have you tried Snipcart before? In this case of PulseCMS ecommerce I do not conclude a contract with Paypal but the customer with me. And then it will be difficult to comply with all German laws or do you see it differently?


That might be because “test@this.that” is a fake email address? You need to put your actual PayPal account in here, either sandbox or active (live) address

It works in GBP, USD, EUR etc as the screens:

Also, please be careful of your curly quotes… it’s " and not “ :slight_smile:

The only bug we can see is the front end still shows a $ sign although the cart is set for EUR - so we are adding this in 5.3.1 which will be out very soon - thanks for the testing!


Not sure how it applies to German law, but here is a demo of Snipcart + Pulse:

And it works nicely :slight_smile:


Sadly, it’s exactly the same after trying your suggestions. I’m using a live Paypal address, literally cutting and pasting the tag above into the page, I’m ensuring that the quotes aren’t being changed (whoch seems to happen when cutting and pasting into the forum for some reason) and I have even reverted back to “USD” : “US” for currency and locale, in case that was part of the problem.

I’ve uploaded it to a live server (previously I was testing on MAMP) and still the same. Out of interest, what did you set the currency and locale to in order to get Paypal to show a GBP page? Whatever I’ve tried brings back nothing but a ‘BAD_INPUT_ERROR’ from Paypal.

I’m sure it’s likely to be something stupidly simple. I’d love to know what though… :weary:


Pulse commerce is now updated and improved for 5.3.1 (which will most likely be out tomorrow):

  • You can select another currency like EUR and all the currency symbols should now work
  • The products editing screen has been improved for editing
  • PayPal checkout page is working
  • You can now add individual shipping amounts per item
  • The tag has been updated to:

The new order is:

  • business mail address
  • currency_code
  • currency_symbol
  • locale
  • no_shipping flag should be either true or false
  • return_url should be a full url
  • cancel_url should also be a full url