Pulse Tag navigation

Tag navigation

Navigation tag {{navigation}}
create the html code:

<div id="nav" class="all">

Example css

/* 2.1: Main menu */
#nav { }


You are talking about Pulse like Bootstrap 4 …
How to edit a tag {{navigation}}
to suit for Bootstrap 4
for example:

<div class="collapse navbar-collapse" id="navbarSupportedContent">

You must add optional “class” and “id” extensions.

I tried to put the cue in the navbar.
Here are unfinished projects.
The first project.

Second project.

At the bottom is the ability to download project

Can you help me finish and edit?

You can delete the code {{navigation}} and put your custom menu code there.

If you want to change the pulse generated menu code, open the file ‘navigation.phtml’ from the folder ‘pulsecore > template > tags’ and change whatever code you need to change.


Thank you for the excellent and rapid response!
This is the code I was looking for.
Here I am can adjust various other Tags.
Can you add a navigation tag extension to your administrator?

Something similar.
<div class="myclass1 myclass2 myclass3" id="myid1 myid2 myid3">

Thank you again.

If you mean to add <nav> tag, yes. But in the example

The id is not correct. There should not be any space in the ID attribute.

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Of course, thank you for the alert.

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More was on this here:

@IvaRo do we close the issue now and continue here or ??

Yes, I want to hear more opinions of users in the forum.

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We’ve added the css_classes parameter to the navigation and navigation-logged-in tags.

For the navigation tag its something like {{navigation:"all":"css classes"}}

The first parameter is the label parameter which is used to select a menu. The default is “all”.

For navigation-logged-in, label and css_classes are probably interchangeable. I suspect it might be better to keep them separate in case its needed later.

For other situations (majority of users) just {{navigation}} will still work

Changing/adding classes is mainly if people want to add things to the navigation like with Bootstrap 4 etc as listed in this thread.

This will come in 5.2.3!

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