Pulse v5.3.10 now available for download!


• Just Forms now moved to its own domain. Please use this from now
on to create new forms and update your sites to 5.3.10 to keep
current forms working with the new tag. Access the builder from the
Pulse dashboard

• Text Editor now includes an option to open links in a new window

• CodeMirror now integrated for line numbers and easier to read
HTML if editing content from the code view


• On install it sets up the default menu better so it’s a little simpler for
the demo first site Navigation

• Pulse installs take up under 50Mb (more with templates and
content) but should be small enough for majority of web hosts, but
we’ve added a check on the install just in case

• Updated Redactor to 3.3.3


• PDF files are now visible in sub folders

• {{blog-show:blog}} is fixed to run correctly

• Logout as an Editor issue fixed

• Plugged in a fix to stop the inline Redactor from firing up when blog
items are edited. The only way to edit them now is using the modal

• Template tag processing bug fixed

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If you're facing any issues with the latest version, please let us know so that we can look into it :slight_smile:

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