Styling the Form. Concerned about updates

Well apparently, the stylesheet for the built-in Pulse form is in the “Inc” folder. But update instructions say that when you’re updating Pulse, that you should replace everything but the ‘content’ and ‘template’ folders.

So my concern is, how do I format the built in form via css, without losing those changes the next time I update Pulse? Is there some kind of way that I should be adding any css changes that will not get over-written the next time I update Pulse? Hope that makes sense.

Yes it is @RM125T

The best way would be to overwrite it by adding your own form styles to the css in your template folder (which you control). We may add new form styles in future updates so this would be a safe way to ensure you are ok :slight_smile:

Or for this, use the Just Forms tag added in 4.7:

With this the styling is done by the Form builder app and won’t be affected by Pulse updates as independent embed :slight_smile: