Time Stamp in {{recentposts}} tag


Is there a way to turn off the “time stamp” in the {{recentposts}} blog tag? How about the date as well?

the time stamp especially takes up way too much space… See here https://www.servicemastergrandrapids.com/tips/


Hi Raimo

Go to /pulsecore/tags and edit recentposts.php.

Find line with:

$tmp = "<li>{$value->date} - <a href=\"{$base_url}/{$url}\">{$value->title}</a></li>";

Replace with:

$tmp = "<li><a href=\"{$base_url}/{$url}\">{$value->title}</a></li>";


Pulse 5.2.2 coming soon - update
Winter 2019 update: Pulse 5.2.2 is here 🔥

Thanks @AceTutor that worked!

That would be a nice option to turn off in the dashboard, or in the "recentposts’ tag…


Thanks for the help @AceTutor and yes @Raimo - a good feature idea for a future update - thanks for that. This was added in recently as requested by a user but an option would be good there :slight_smile:

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Added this in 5.2.2!