Two different Blogs?

  1. Is it possible to have two blogs on one site? I.e. one for News and one for Stories.

  2. If so, can both blogs be shown on one page, besides one another?

  1. Yes

See the manual around page 23:

For sub-blogs:

{{blog-show:blogname:blog:[[featured-image]] [[blog-content-loop(<<blog-item-author>> <<blog-item-date>> <<blog-item-featured-image>> <<blog-item-content>>)]]}}

Copy and paste this Pulse tag into your page and replace blogname with the name of your blog. This is what tells Pulse which Blog to show on that page.

If you want the blog variables (author, featured image, date etc) to appear in a different order, move them around, or just delete them. Add featured images in the media folder “featured_images” and the main content). Featured images are image files that match the blog ID. That’s the same as the blog filename.

Sub-blogs allow you to show more than one blog on a website. Please note that using the blog-show tag is a more simplified blog showin all items listed without pagination. Classes are added to the pagination view helper so pagination links can be styled or hidden in standard blogs, via CSS classes in the Pulse template CSS.

If you want to just use the default Blog layout then a simple :


For sites with single blogs:


For sites with more than one blog. Replace blogname with the name of your blog.

  1. Maybe … or maybe not. This hasn’t been done before. Are you intending to do this in 2 columns? This could be possible but might break…

Create the two blogs as in 1. above firstly then try it in 2 columns…

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@ Peter Schmitz,
Unfortunately that does not work. I tried it in version 5.2.2, wanted to show on the start page in three columns each a sub-blog.
Also {{blog-list: blog / my_blog: title, author, date: 2}} only works once per page.
But you can view {{recentposts: “3”: “blog / my_blog”}} for multiple blogs on one page.

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But I have just seen that {{recentposts: “3”: “blog/my_blog”}} (for me) generates a broken link.
it should be correct:
however, the generated link is:
Apparently “recentposts” does not work for sub-blogs.

@annett, @pulsecms thank you both!
I will have a look later.

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Hello Peter
I have done that on this site with the main blog here:

and the other one here:

Note that they do share tags so are not entirely separate.

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This should have been fixed in 5.2 - will take a look for the next update :slight_smile:

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This should be fixed now @annett and out in 5.3.1 - very soon :slight_smile:

Update {{recentposts}} to work with multi-blogs

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