Two words in Navigation title

Hi again

I have a page called 'o-nama' (about-us). When added to the navigation the dash - is displayed on the site. So to get rid of the - I added the page through 'Add a non pulse item' option. This works however the 'active' class does not get assigned to the css.

Am I doing this the correct way? Is there another way to do this and get the classes working?



I would like this to be possible too. Having to explain to clients - thats just the way it is - is not good.

It makes it very limiting to have one word in the navigation.

Did you try the html non breaki g space character instead of the - ?

This is & n b s p ;

But whithout the spaces.

Any updates Milos? Did you try the recommendation from douwe_yntema?

Just tried and it names the page aboutnbspus.. so no go :slight_smile:

Basically I just wanted to upgrade because of the new blog functionality and url renaming, but then half of the features dont work, to be honest I don't know how they can sell a product that doesn't work and not address the issues.

Then I think you mistyped the non breaking space code. Make sure there is an ampersand in front and a dot comma at the end

It looks like this:  

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Please remove the space between the last character P and the dot comma sign.

This is what I enter.

and this is what comes up.

But maybe, that's something for the dev team to work on, if there is a space in a title of a page, add the - (dash) but remove the dash in the navigation.


That's a good idea and a pretty simple-to-implement work around.. Based on @jdloudon 's "like", I think we have enough agreement. I've added it to the list of items to do for an upcoming development release.

You enter it wrong. See my example, you need to enter a ; sign at the end, whithout a space. Maybe you can search Google on non breaking space sign

Still the same result.


Put a space before the ampersand and a space after the ;

I tried that. It doesn't work.

I concur. I have tried every which way with this and it does not work. Cannot put standard HTML code in here.

Hi all- I'm not sure why it works for some people not others, but we will add the capability mentioned earlier above:

if there is a space in a title of a page, add the - (dash) but remove the dash in the navigation.

I have the code now in development. This will definitely be in the next version.
Still, it will be a while since we're still onboarding.