Two words in Navigation title

Hi Simonis

What will the outcome look like? Will a page about-us.txt in navigation displayed as 'About Us' without the dash?

Correct. "About-Us" will be "About Us" in navigation and sub-navigation.

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I've sent a beta package to @Milos2504. If anyone else wants it let me know. It also solves blog lookup issues.

Thanks Simonis. I can confirm this fixes the issue with two words in navigation. Great work!

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I also found another fix for the blog styling with masonry style. For example if your left article is bigger than the right article, the right article will be aligned in the middle of the left article. I thought it should be aligned to the top. Which I fixed on my blog but not sure what you guys think is correct.

The issue doesn't happen on your demo sites because every article is the same length, so they all align nicely.

Thank you for pointing that out. I messaged you about this bug privately. I will make note of it in GitHub.

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FYI, 2 words in navigation is fixed: