Updater not working from 5.22 > 5.3

Have downloaded zip file - selected it - hit update button and it has a think for a while and then goes to a blank window.
No fail message. No indication of anything at all.
PHP setting allow an upload size of 10m which was a problem in the past.So its not that.
Any ideas?

Hi James,

do you mean 10 megabyte or 10 minutes?
depending on the upload speed i would say this is not enough, currently Pulse has a
file size of almost 40 megabytes (almost 20 megabytes more than 5.22 and over 2800 files).

Delete the coming-soon template and all unishop pictures before uploading, maybe that’s enough already.

By the way, the cms is much too big (fontawesome alone almost 14MB, templates with mp4 files etc.) :thinking:

Yes Oliver, you are right. 10 meg. The largest upload my Plesk control panel will allow is 16 meg.
So if I have to mess around with deleting parts of the upload its not worth it is it?
I went back to the old method of uploading manually via FTP. Then I know what is going on.

That’s how I always do it, with the file size it’s the safest way.
You would have to build something like a Java Uploader to get around the whole thing, so I always do the oldschool :wink:

Regarding the upload size, this was talked about some time back as the releases were too large:
5.0 38mb
5.1 39mb

then it was slimmed down in 5.2 to 16mb and now we are up to 38 again.
So…feature creep?
I know this release has ecommerce built in but even so. It has over doubled in size.

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The problem is there’s too much in its original state.

  • 4 MB unishop images
  • 6 MB mp4 video in template
  • almost 14 MB FontAwesome

That is already about 24 MB more than before.


Shop images - well we do need them if there is a shop. Maybe it would be an idea to have two versions of Pulse available to download, one with and one without shop, as most people will not use it.
Video - well surely the vide should be hosted on Youtube and just an embedded link in the file?
FontAwesome - no idea what that is even used for - or why it is so mahoosive.

I think that’s quite good for the demonstration.
Before I upload everything, I delete all themes and content I don’t use anyway.

Of course this is not possible if you want to use the .zip file directly, then you would have to clean and repack it first.

But I also think that meanwhile too much is in the core.
Here should be worked more with plugins, as you already say, 90% will never use a shop.

Font Awesome is an icon font, you can also embed it via CDN.
Maybe Michael made the whole locally because of the GDPR, only a guess.

Yes …

This is a tricky balance between users requesting local assets for reasons such as GDPR and ease of use (templates already installed) etc.

So maybe this can be improved with further installation modules if required after the initial install?

Or something like Bootstrap with various versions. It needs to be thought out. Ideally I would like it as plugins and / or remote assets via CDN but that creates problems too.

The suggested route for those who want a barebones version at the moment is to delete the Media and Templates you don’t need and go from there.

But yes it depends on the upload threshold of your host (as always) for the zip.

Thanks for the feedback on this

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Done for 5.3.3!

  • Reduced ZIP install size again! Compressed images, cut down demo images and made video assets remote. And cut down core files such as unused Font Awesome and other dependencies.

In detail:

  • shop images reduced to 3 as only a demo
  • other templates like coming soon or one page creative now use images from the media gallery folder
  • the video in coming soon is streamed off the Pulse server (only a demo so all GDPR conscious sites please upload your own video to your content folder and link to it)
  • Pulsecore reductions such as Font Awesome and WhichBrowser
  • reduced jpg and png quality of all images

So all that @Oliver mentioned has gone and now back to under 20MB unzipped :slight_smile:

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