Upgrading Pulse

I need to upgrade to the latest version of Pulse 4.x but need a reminder on how to do this… Can you add a note on upgrading and make it ‘sticky’ please!

With this in mind, it would be cool if there was a link from the backend of any website to update the core files without having to download every time.

Also…is there any way to go back to the old back end layout as used by v 3.x…much easier to navigate!

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Good request @AJO

For now, 4.5.2 has a download link from within Pulse backend. There’s still a need for manual deployment of downloading though as in the case of some people have customised the install so it’s left to the site developer to control this. Auto updates on the radar though.

Here’s the Pulse 3.x stuff:

But how can I update from 4.5.1 to 4.5.2? I can’t find an update link in the backend, nor any hints in the documentation.

Same for me too, I don’t find a download link in 4.5.1. I have tried inquiring via contact form and email to no avail.

I’ll send you both (@rlane + @Torsten) the download link via DM :slight_smile:

From now on… if you join the Pulse Cloud Club the link will appear on your dashboard so just download and go! Much easier :wink:


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