Can we drop PHP 5.6? PHP 7+ now required

At the moment Pulse still runs on PHP 5.6, but we really really recommend PHP7

PHP 5 is no longer supported so is vulnerable and likely to cause problems.

If Pulse was PHP7 exclusive it would make things a little easier to test but also we could bring more exclusive PHP7 features of security and speed without having to always make things backwards compatible.

In other words, Pulse will get better under PHP7 only but was interested to know what you think and also hear if anyone still uses 5.6

All decent shared hosting should allow PHP7 but there are a few exceptions that make it difficult (GoDaddy still perhaps).

So please let us know with your vote and any comments, thanks :pray:

  • Still support PHP5.6
  • Make Pulse PHP7+ only

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Wow - 100% so far! Nice!

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This is not switched on yet but urge all users to upgrade to PHP7 where possible.

Even Pulse 4 is compatible:

There might be some hosts who refuse / don't have it but that's most likely rare so please upgrade when possible :slight_smile:

Pulse PHP 7 + went live in version 5.3.6

As to what version to use:

  • The latest possible would be good (at least PHP 7.2 would be nice but earlier versions are ok eg 7.1)
  • As to what modules... the /admin/install.php or reqs test from our hosting page will tell you if anything missing:
  • Most shared hosts work fine: Dreamhost, GoDaddy, Bluehost, 1und1
  • Servers such as Amazon web services and Digital Ocean are also fine but make sure have the standard base modules installed and it should work
  • If not, install a clean version of PHP and test again. E.g. MAMP local with PHP 7.2 base modules works fine

This helps gives you a more secure, faster and powerful site! Hope you agree and update your server :slight_smile: