Error message using built in UPDATE option


I was running 5.2, and downloaded the 5.3 update. I have Pulse installed in a subfolder from the main site root, /pulse.

When I use the 'Update' facility in the settings area, I get an error:

the script is being redirected back to the root, rather than the /pulse/ folder in the root...

In my debug log, I have the following error message:
[28-Sep-2018 21:30:25 Europe/London] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: _GLOBALS in /Users/Junction10/Desktop/KMP-Test/pulse/pulsecore/page/admin/update.php on line 104

Line 104 of that script shows:
\header( 'Location: ' . $_GLOBALS['path'] . '/admin/index.php?p=update' );

Should that underscore be in the $_GLOBALS in that line?

I'm not sure if the update has completed correctly because in the settings page - it still shows 5.2 in the version number, and the folder _MACOSX that has been extracted still exists under my /pulse folder...



Thanks @junction10

Do you mean 5.2BETA1 and update to 5.2BETA2?

This is the latest:

Yes it needs to be in the same folder. I would recommend taking a backup before doing an update.

But the update has been tested and works well.
That said, will need more testing in sub-folders but it should be fine.

Can you DM me your logs as well?

Ahhhh… ok - the version number is my mistake… It is of course 5.2 BETA 3… I was upgrading from 5.2 BETA 2… so the version number IS correct (could I suggest including the beta build version in the Version descriptor on the settings page too… eg: 5.2b3 ?

5.2 Beta 3 is the latest build, not beta 2 - correct?

I’ll send you the logs in a moment… that underscore in the $_Globals variable definitely causes an error though… I changed it to $GLOBALS and the update went ahead without any error… (I hope! It does seem to work, anyhow)…



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Thanks - we’ll look into this :slight_smile:
And any fixes will be in the next update

Thanks for the logs!

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This was fixed in 5.2B4! :slight_smile: