Personalising admin login screen

Can I suggest something to add in future additions. I like to personalise the admin so that it says Hi James instead of Hi Pulse User. So I edit the admin/inc/lang/english.php file

But when updates are installed using the new zip folder upload function this gets overwritten. Of course its not a big deal to go ahead and fix but it would be nice if we could name the user in setting panel so its stays fixed.

Sure will definitely bear this in mind for a future update :slight_smile:

To note, the auto updater assumes only the template + content folders have been edited. Any other customisations (like this) will be lost and therefore a manual update is recommended.


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This was added in Pulse 5.2 and will be out in BETA1 shortly!

With this update, the login header is now set in the settings :slight_smile:

Out in 5.2: