Reverse blog-function

Would it be possible to reverse a blog so that the newest posts appear last, even in the editor?
A client needs a events-page on a existing website, with no more then about 6 events so if she deleted the passed event, the first (then last posted) upcoming event will be first and the latest (first posted ) with a date further in the year will be last.
I hope I am clear…am I? :thinking:
Otherwise I will have to install 3rd party software which means a extra inlog for her :confused:

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Oh I see!

In a 5.1 BETA we fixed it so that the blogs appeared in the right order (newest first).

Maybe we could have an option in the settings that could be this (default) and “reverse blog posts” to show them in reverse chronological order on the front end and back?

It’s a good idea :slight_smile:

You could also use the recent posts tag and reverse that on the front end at least for now?

That would be a good idea, I only still have to swap p3 with p5 still…lots of blocks in this site. It definitely helps to read the new post about that!
In the mean time I got some help and all posts are now reversed:smiley:, only not in the editor itself bit that’s not a big deal.

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Thanks again @Mary for this request… it was added in 5.2B3 released today!

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