Pulse 5.2BETA3 has been released 🍂

Following on from BETA2, here is BETA3 and it’s ready to download fresh from your dashboards!

Here’s the run-down with lots of improvements and fixes added!

Pulse 5.2BETA3


  • Added few more buttons to backend Redactor toolbar: Underline, Undo, Redo. So can now undo easily content changes!
  • Added an option in Form Settings to hide the GDPR consent box in forms (for users who don’t need it)
    GDPR input field on forms
  • Added a page cookie agree pop up tag for GDPR! {{gdpr}}
  • Global Saving added to Inline Editing! So 1-click save can also clearly save all the edits to make it even easier to use
  • Non-Pulse links in the Navigation can now also open in New Window


  • Changed the {{recentposts}} link so the date is not in highlight; just the title next to it. Thanks @RHKay
  • Switched off wrapping for images added via Redactor uploader, so can target tags directly for lightboxes or anything else
    How to add a single image lightbox?
    Images are reduced to 50% in size
  • Auto generate the blog url slugs. The user can change this but by pre-filling it saves time in making a blog post with less clicks.
  • {{sb_login}} tag now allows for blocks to have different passwords
  • {{sb_login}} tag also now has better redirecting on Locked page if password is wrong. There’s a customisable error message and the user stays on the page. sb_login uses “Your Password is Incorrect!” for the error message from the language strings. And can also be amended in the tag:
    {{sb_login:“password”:“otp”:“block_name”:“error message”}}
  • {{sb_login}} with an empty block name leads to locking the page instead of the block.
  • Made Drag and Drop with Navigation a little more stable, especially in Chrome on PC
    Adding sub-menu
  • Inline Editing has been improved again! Save button is now green and the color button is added to the toolbar.
    Bring Back Green edit boxes
  • Top level Navigation link now allows for external links - not just in-site links
    Problems with the frontend while i am working in the backend


  • {{recentposts}} tag now works with multi-blogs (sub-blogs). The tag takes two parameters (both optional). The first is the number of posts to show and the second is the blog to use. eg {{recentposts:“10”:“blog/another”}} for a sub blog.
  • Bug fix for the image chooser in Redactor and selecting images from sub folders
    Problems with the frontend while i am working in the backend
  • Fixed the bug also in the admin direct image upload.
  • Also removed icons, branding and thumbnails from the Redactor image chooser
  • Plugged in a fix for the media block on the admin dashboard page. The media block had thumbnails and the gallery file.
  • Plugged in a fix for a GeoIP bug.
  • JSON error in the top of the page
  • Blog {{social}} is now posting complete URL on single posts
    Blog {{social}} tags issue
  • Plugged in a fix for Blog META appearing in first line of Blog content.
  • HTML bug fix for media list with bullets on the dashboard

More goodness on the way later on in Autumn! :jack_o_lantern:


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