Suggestions for 5.3.2


Hi @pulsecms, thank you so much.
Point one and to are great news.
Point three I just can not understand. I am not in Germany and have no internet access, only mobile. Do it as you think it is good please.
Thank you


No worries @annett - have a good trip!


Better breadcrumbs & submenu (Some bugs and ideas)
I've created a dropdown menu with pages and run across some problems or question marks.

  1. It would be nice to have the main menu item(folder) editable into a link for example to the first sub item of the dropdown menu or free of choice. So you can link it to an sub page when clicking & rolll-over shows the menu . OR The main menu item behaves as a page instead of a folder OR The main item can be a folder or a link to a "hidden" page not listed in the menu ??

  2. Breadcrumbs from sub items in the menu don't work & it would be nice to have the main item first.
    Example: Home > Main menu item/folder > Subitem from folder (also the breadcrumb "Biomarkers"-link gives me a 404)
    It looks good in the URL but not in the breadcrumbs.

It looks very good in the blogs btw. I just think this creadcrumb and Menu needs some more love.
Great CMS, i can say that enough. Looking forward to the fix.


Thanks for the clear and helpful feedback @Arties

This will need testing and replicating then we'll look at improving this. 5.3.3 is almost finished ... so this is most likely in 5.3.4 which will be out not much longer than 5.3.3.

Improving this though is a great idea, thanks.

Really happy to hear that :star_struck: And we can keep on improving!


I think there's some confusion around what users vs editors can do.

Editors can create blocks and the blocks appear on the editors list (bug fix for this case). Editors cannot create pages.

Users can't create blocks or pages. Depending on the permissions they might be editable.

To remove a block/page from a user, the group should be edited. So the process is

  • login as administrator
  • open the settings page
  • click on "extend tab"
  • click on "manage user group list" button on the user list area
  • click on the group name to open the edit pane
  • adjust the radio buttons as needed

There has been a fix though for Editors which will be out in 5.3.3:

  • Fix for editor adding blocks now adds the block to the editor block ACL list

Work started on 5.3.3