Suggestions for 5.3.2


Here is a list of the things I would like to see in next release.

  1. Be able to change the name of Blog page to news or anything else I fancy, and still have it all work.
    At present this partially does not. Note that I create new page called news, new blog posts are still created in folder content/blog and this is created path errors elsewhere. There needs to be a simple option field in settings:
    What do you want to your blog page to be - default is Blog.

  2. Be able to have said blog pagination work. If there are 5 pages of products with certain tags on then we want to see all pages and all products. This USED to work and has been broken in 5.3

  3. Be able to share a post on social media so that its title, content and associated image is shown.

  4. Would like to see recentposts_visual actually working. It does not at present. Image is not shown, and again there is a file path problem if news item is not created in Blog page.

I have already given up on the update button in settings, as well as themes. I know I have to manage it all with FTP - thats fine - as longs as I know.

Please dont add any new features. Please forget about the shop stuff for now. Please get these basic things fixed if you want Pulse to have any credibility at all. And if you want people to keep using it and recommending it to others. I am finding it harder and harder to do so these days.

5.3.2 Final Release is today 🤩
5.3.2 is getting ready!
5.3.2 is getting ready!
Work started on 5.3.3

hello together, I have experimented a lot and would like to use this entry, also to report my errors.

  1. I am very happy with the new possibility to use subfolders in the Media folder. What does not work anymore is the sorting - but it worked in an earlier version. If I take original galleries I can change the order in the first level. Moving the gallery to a subfolder is no longer possible.
    If I create a new gallery with new images, the order does not work at all. The bottom picture is always displayed, changes are not saved. If I look via FTP I see that the file is not written.
    Also, I can not add meta tags in the Media subfolder.
    It would be nice if it is still fixed:
  • Add meta tags to images in subfolders
  • can change order of pictures, first is the top
  1. The new gal tag {{gal: galery1:1:yes}} works very well. I also needed this feature for masonry and have added all changes to the inc/tags files myself.
  • is it possible to add this tag regularly for {{masonry: galery1:1:yes}}?
    Many Thanks


Most of these are being worked on and fixed already for 5.3.2 or just after :slight_smile:


The current media page /admin/index.php?p=open&f=media/gallery1/blue&e=jpg does not have any meta data fields. There is an alt field for images.

The new gallery bug might be related to a missing gallery.txt file. This might explain the lack of ALT tags been written and no ordering being saved. Does the gallery.txt exist in the sub folder?

opened #6


Just tested this and it’s working for both Gal + Masonry:


Please let me know @annett if it’s something else I missed!


Hello @pulsecms, Michalel, I’m just testing the new CMS. So far, I am very satisfied. :blush:

  1. The new features of the galleries work well too, masonry too - even in subfolders! :smiley: But I think the sequence is a bit confusing :upside_down_face:, because the last pictures are displayed first. Should not it be the other way around?
    However, there seems to be a problem when I create subfolders in Media. An entry looks like this: back.jpg | 1000000 ||| vorn.jpg | 1000000 ||| Then the change of order does not work. I moved, deleted, and re-uploaded pictures, and after a while my gallery.txt was completely empty … and no matter what I do, it stays empty.

  2. My latest project is a student newspaper:
    I’ve created some students as editors - is there somewhere a file I can look at? I tested, registered name … and lost track of it. Can I also delete names or entries?

Many Thanks


Thanks @annett!

  1. We will surely look at this again for the next update, hold on :slight_smile:
    But glad it is working in sub folders for you.

  2. Yes!
    You can edit users in admin > settings:


and edit what pates these students can edit:


Please let us know how that goes!


Hello @pulsecm, thank you.
Yes, I found the user management in settings and also tested. My problem is, I can not see who is registered - and I find nothing to delete.

Really helpful would be a small table, visible only to the administrator:
Name | Role | Password | OTP | Delete
Annett | admin | xxxx | [] | []
Jonas | editor | 1234 | [] | []

So you could see who is registered and also quickly delete or enter, if something changes.
Is that possible?
Many Thanks


Great idea @annett and yes that exists on the edit user page:


If I hit the "-" next to Jim then he has been deleted:

Hopefully this is what you are looking for?


Yes, that's what I'm looking for. But I can not find such a list. I entered your link exactly the same way and entered users - I do not get such a nice list:blush:. I always only see the same screen. And yes, I saved ...:wink:


And I can not log in as "Julian" either. I get said: "wrong password".
Do I have to set something up first? In my config.json I can not find any entries.



Ahhhh ...
Ok, maybe I was too stupid ... sorry for that.
I think here should be described in the manual in more detail. Now I have created a new user group "student" and now it works, also the login. But I do not quite understand the difference between editor and user. Where can I see the differences? I enter the permissions into the "student" list.

And I have another question: I want to change an entry (pages / home) from the list "student". He should not be visible anymore. Before that he stood reading or editing. How do I get the selection cleared? I do not want this page to be displayed anymore so as not to confuse the student. Can you still set up a "hide" option?
Many Thanks


No not stupid at all @annett!! :slight_smile:

The Editor was the first secondary user added to Pulse. But as time went on people wanted more. So yes it needs to be explained better but at the moment if you are an Admin and 1 Editor; then use the Editor. If you need more than that then ignore this user and just create from user groups.

We have wondered if moving the old editor user into the new user-group code is worth doing. It was suspected there's some confusion between the two, since the access control for the two do not overlap. It's just as things have evolved.


So far we have "read" and "read/write" - do you want a "hide" option?


Yes, hide, so that the student does not think he can change something and it does not work then.


Vielen Dank für deine Erklärung Michael @pulsecms, das war sehr hilfreich.

But yesterday I had another problem after creating the user lists:
I have shared some pages with the students for editing, others have disabled such as imprint and privacy.
After I had worked and tried for a long time my live site was suddenly no longer accessible - server redirection error. I examined all sorts of files ... I was desperate until I noticed that imprint and privacy were easily accessible. Then I found the connection to the user lists and permissions.
In admin / pages / home meta tags there was suddenly a checkbox that was activated. I deactivated it and the page was accessible again. Incidentally, the user group students can also activate this checkbox - I find that very dangerous because the page can no longer be reached.
Now my question - what does this checkbox do? I can not reach the relevant page in the frontend, not logged in, not logged out. It stays hidden.
This checkbox was activated when I entered the permissions in Settings / Userlists.

Should that be so? Then I do not understand it ... :thinking:
many Greetings


Got it - makes sense!


We'll take a look at this and follow this workflow and see what is happening. Back soon on this and might be that needs some changes.

I think 5.3.3 will see a few user permission improvements. Will post those here also:

Thanks for the suggestions here, it's good feedback :slight_smile:


Hi @annett

  • fixed the sub folder sorting bug. This will be out in 5.3.3

  • tested that rename works. Created a new media folder eg moose. Open the new folder. Click on rename in the breadcrumb nav box. eg gallery1/moose moves the folder into a subfolder

  • The current media page /admin/index.php?p=open&f=media/gallery1/blue&e=jpg does not have any meta data fields. There is an alt field for images. And you should be able to change that..?