Two new Bootstrap themes coming in 5.2.3 πŸ‘€


Oh yeah :star_struck:

Two gorgeous new themes coming in the next version of Pulse (which will be available soon)

We decided to convert a couple of templates from StartBootstrap and whilst doing this will release a short guide on how to process them so others have a blueprint to convert more and contribute to the community or know the steps to convert their own HTML templates > Pulse for their own projects :slight_smile:

Thanks to @sharif for his excellent work converting these over to Pulse! :zap:
Go and download some more and practise your own conversions!

These two (Coming Soon and 1 Page Portfolio) will appear automatically in the Pulse 5.2.3 download and can be selected on the per page basis from the page META drawer or the Admin > settings for site wide. That’s 4 themes shipped in the default install to give you a good grasp on how to go about making templates, or to use as a foundation to your future site designs!

Happy Pulsing and more on 5.2.3 soon!

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