Work started on 5.3.3


Agreed. If this means what I hope it does, then this could be a bit of a game-changer.


Thanks @Oliver for the suggestion.

It will need testing and feedback as it's just the start at this stage but it will mean a lot more flexibility.

With this, the current method is easier to code. The new one has more flexibility, so its a tradeoff.

That's a great idea @instacks and why not!!
You could offer both in case some users prefer the current version.

Inside other Stacks with styling and dynamic text is also brilliant idea :grinning:

And this is something that can be extended to all tags as needed as we go.
eg forms or contact etc..


Simple tags now work in the new parser. Compex tags need a debug run. So it's pretty close to being done.

It's worth mentioning this is a largish change so there may be some bumps so we're running lots of tests and of course appreciate community testing / feedback also :slight_smile:

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We're just working on finishing this new tags parser and then this edition will be ready.

If there are any new issues then please report them to the tracking repo and they can be done for 5.3.4 - but looks like we're almost there :slight_smile:


The simple case works for this new Blog loop parser! But not when there are nested composite tags eg blog loop inside blog. So that needs more thinking about.

But for now and simple use cases this should be ready for usage :slight_smile:

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Thanks @annett - this media feature made it into 5.3.5 :slight_smile:

Thanks @ezchile - the checkbox drafts made it's way in there too :slight_smile:


Various UI and UX improvements mentioned above in the latest version:


This has been added in 5.3.8!

Added a Plugins & Tags Scanner page to the Account dropdown. This allows users to quickly see what plugins & tags are installed and a quick reference on how to use them. Any uploaded custom Tags will also appear here