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Hello, am working on a couple of new sites with 5.1 and I need to understand the menu system.
Going with the stock install, I see that adding a new page will add it to the main menu. Nice - been wanting that for a while. Now how does the add sub-menu work?
I tried creating one, and then dragging items from the main menu onto it - that works, but where are they onthe page?
Nowhere. Can this be used to create drop downs from items on main menu?
There seems to be no documentation on this feature.

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Thanks @jdloudon - yes the navigation and dragging works - but the stock theme doesn't have a great drop down menu at the moment, that needs to be improved. If you hover on a parent item the drop down should appear. But it needs better styling.

But Pulse is generating the correct HTML for the sub menu. So if you used a template with the appropriate CSS for a sub menu - it will all work a treat.

That said, looking to improve on the stock template in the next round of iterations :slight_smile:

Can this be used to create drop downs from items on main menu?
So yes it can, but needs adding styles to the template style.css

We'll add this and tutorials on it soon - hold on!

Okay, I am not quite following the procedure then:
My test site has the standard menu that got built automatically by the pages.

I then built some new pages then created a sub-menu from the navogation section in settings.
I dragged new pages onto this menu.

If I drag items around they just move from one menu to another, can you explain what should be hovering over what please?

To make a sub-menu item:

  1. "add sub-menu" and give it a name

  2. Select an item "Blog" in this case and drag it onto the white part

  1. Blog is now nested as a sub page of my "sub sub" page

  1. Remember to hit "save"

  2. Appear on front (but needs better styling which is coming soon but most templates will have that built-in)

In your example the "bats" menu is a separate menu. So if you choose to embed that on a Pulse page or sub template page then it means you can have two simultaneous menus on a project. Eg for a front facing marketing site and backend private members pages, on the same site. Each item can have sub pages, but those are separate navigation menus and not the same thing!

Sorry, hope that is clearer now! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation. I find this does not work at all in Chrome on PC. The white area just runs away from the item you try to drop on it.
If I do it in Firefox, the same thing happens but i just went ahead and dropped it where the white area should have been and it worked. Did that a couple of times and made a working submenu.

There are issues though: on my test site we have the sub menu trigger at the end called bats
Now put the cursor on the word bats so it highlights - now move it to the left and the whole menu bar moves left across the page.

This is a great idea in principle but it needs to be simpler to use - drag and drop is not working consistently. And the whole thing is rather fragile.

Looking at the code that this page and menu has produced, it all looks fine and is just good clean HTML and CSS which of course is a lot more than we can say for many other CMS - and this is one of many reasons why we love Pulse. I cannot see any reason why the menu should move about the page like this. I would try it in Firefox as well but when I open the site in that browser I got this:

even though I have logged out and front end cache is disabled.

edit - logged in then out again and page is okay in Firefox and the menu does not move across the page like it does in Chrome. Just checked on my Mac and FF is okay on that, but the bug is there in Safari.

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  • will fix for Safari once can identify the issue, in the next update
  • and will look at making the drag and drop more stable

Thanks for taking the time to make the report :slight_smile:

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The dropdown menu is much improved for the default template in 5.2 included as the demo theme:

This also has cleaner navigation CSS moved from the Pulsecore CSS file into the template CSS files so much cleaner and easier to work with. All custom templates need to include the menu css in the their assets.

All fixed in 5.2