GDPR input field on forms

Just noticed this: one of my sites has this field in the forms, and another does not, both running 5.1

What is it for and why does it exist on one and not another?

It should exist on both so most likely the one without it doesn’t have all 5.1 files uploaded, or browser cache is preventing you from seeing it.

It is there to add a GDPR consent box to the contact form - but this can be hidden if you don’t want to use it.

Okay, have cleared cache but still not seeing that option in a couple of my other 5.1 sites.
On the one that does have it I see that I can change the text that appears beside the checkbox onthe form, but there is not a link to the actual GDPR data, or anything else pertaining to it.

If there's a discrepancy in the updates it might be that the updater didn't work completely.

If you want the sites to be GDPR compatible there's more to do:

But that checkbox is one item - as well updates to the privacy policy tag - and in a future update we're thinking of adding a consent to cookies pop-up for the stats.

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Thanks again @jdloudon for this request… it was added in 5.2B3 released today!