Images are reduced to 50% in size

Okay, upgrading a website to Pulse 5.1 and when I add images to a block, they won’t stay their original size…

example - in the “Property Search box” on the right side, that top “houses” pic is 288px wide by 160px high But something is reducing it to 144px X 80px, half the height…
Same with the “MLS picture” below it. This is happening in every “mixed” text box, if I add a picture it displays at 50% of it’s true size…

What am I missing?

Seems to be the RapidWeaver’s consolidated.css file adding this:

figure {
    margin: 1em 40px;

Solution is to:

Add CSS) add this to your CSS in RapidWeaver:

figure {
     margin: 0;

In a future update we’ll change the Redactor setting to stop doing this. It’s useful if people want to add captions to images but it is causing problems for some themes:

Thanks! That did it!


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Thanks again @raimo for this request… it was added in 5.2B3 released today!